Daring Spirit Tool: The Desire Map Planner

Part of the plan here at Daring Spirit's is to encourage and inspire daring in others. By daring, we don't mean conquering all your fears or doing crazy stunts. We mean having the courage to show up as you in your life -- to live and have your most authentic life.

We aim to encourage and inspire in a couple of ways:

1. To provide the tools and resources to build a (more) conscious life (i.e. AMP, Reading Past Lives program, See Your Life, the blog, etc).

2. Featuring Daring Spirits (usually on Wednesdays) - individuals that we have come across or have come to our attention that are living, pursuing, or following their dreams and daring to share it with the world.

This week, we couldn't resist sharing a tool that has become instrumental in keeping us on target and moving forward with our goals, individually and as a team: Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map Planners

These planners are more than simply a calendar to stay organized (although the monthly and weekly calendar breakdowns are very useful at doing just that). These planners offer prompts in the form of questions each week to keep you focused, to create thoughtful reflection, and to bring your goals to the forefront. 

We had to affiliate with Danielle LaPorte and bring the Desire Map Planner to your attention. This planner brings daring and authenticity into your daily life, one page, one week at a time.

When you dare to look at what you want to manifest, and revisit it daily and weekly, things shift. The object of your focus becomes your reality. 

Here is the link for you to check them out so you can join us in daring to go all in every day and see your goals come to life. Here's to growth! 

(Daring Spirits is a Danielle LaPorte Affiliate. All that means is if you use our link above to go to her site & make a purchase, we get a monetary token from Danielle. It's a sweet way to help us keep the lights on, and we thank you.)

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment