Do you have to pick one?

This post originally appeared on June 1, 2015.

I like to be busy. I would rather be doing something than nothing. Sure, I like my quiet time, my down time, my relaxation time, my hang out time, my do nothing time too; however, my best days are those days that are productive, interactive, or as most call it 'busy.'

Lately, the phrase 'you need to choose one' has come up, more than once.

I would like to consider myself a somewhat enlightened individual. I meditate. I run energy. I see things. I dream things. I get messages. I follow the messages (most of the time...and to the best of my ability in present time). 

When it comes to life - I want it all. Part of the way I aim to accomplish that is through doing a lot. When people ask me what I do, I am not always sure where to begin and that is where the phrase - you need to choose one - has come up, except to me it is so clear what I do and that I have already chosen.

I am an Assistant:  I assist individuals in finding their space, their truth, their voice.

And I love it. I love it. I love being present, hearing, witnessing, and watching people grow and change. Sometimes it is tough - sometimes my neutrality is tested. Sometimes I have to take a moment to pause, step back, reset my space, remember my path. Sometimes, like everyone else, I need to take a nap.

Most days, I get to move about my 'cabin' freely and explore multiple opportunities - what could be better?

So where does the phrase pick one come from? Why do I get asked that?

My simplified Assistant title gets divided up into a few different titles:  I write for this blog, I do psychic readings healings, and coaching and have recorded meditations and classes for purchase in our shop (through Seven Levels Coaching), I work as an HR Generalist for a local bank several hours a week, and on weekends, you might very likely find me hosting an Open House as a licensed real estate agent in MA, and most importantly, I am a wife and mother of four.

For now, I assist. For now, I stay busy. For now, I do. For now, I can. For now, I meditate. For now, I see. For now, I look. For now, I ground. For now, I am present. For now, I breathe because, well, because life is easier when you are breathing. 

When it is time for things to change, they will. When wearing multiple hats to serve a purpose does not fit anymore, I will adjust, update, eliminate, delete, modify, retire, hand in my badge; in the meantime, I will keep going. I will continue to create with reckless abandon, to laugh with glee as new ideas pop up, to get excited when I see new opportunities, to say yes to doors that open up, to share my life with those who cross my path, and to feel so lucky to get to work every day with different folks in different ways - making my dent in the world, leaving the world slightly better off than if was the day before...fingers crossed.  

If you too are being told to "pick one," might I offer you the same space to have it all; to play in all arenas; to let yourself have at it because at the end of the day, it's okay. And when it is no longer okay, you will know, and you will adjust accordingly.

As we do.

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment