Do you Live IN or FROM Abundance?

This post originally appeared on June 24, 2015.

Do you live in or from abundance?

I got asked a question the other day “what makes you such a good person?”

Uh, I thought. I don’t think of myself as a really good person. I think of myself as a person – attempting to better the world each day, striving to live my best life, and seeking to make a difference where I can.

The conversation stemmed out of a place of noticing competition and scarcity. At the end of the day, part of what I do my best to do is live from abundance meaning there is more than enough for everyone, that means more than enough opportunities, more than enough clients, more than enough money, donuts, coffee, friendships, prosperity, health, happiness, joy, love…

There is a difference between living in abundance and living from abundance. When you live in abundance, you have plenty of food, clothing, cars, space, etc. When you live from abundance, it wouldn’t matter if you had only the shirt on your back, you would have more than most people you encountered.

When I talk about abundance, I am not so much talking about enough dinosaur chicken nuggets for everyone (a common discussion at my house).

I am talking about soul abundance, that belief, to the core, that you will always have, whatever it is you need, whatever it is you are seeking, whatever it is you are looking to create – whatever it is, you will have. Abundance comes from within – if you are looking outside of yourself for your abundance, you will never have it. If you look within, you will find it in spades.

When you have soul abundance, life shifts, the energy around you changes. It is no longer about claiming ‘this’ as mine. It becomes a dance of trust and allowing, of walking consciously and seeing. It becomes abundant and rich, full of treasures, most of which you never knew you were seeking when you were looking for “abundance” outside of yourself.

When you look within, you see it is all there, ready and waiting to unfold, ready to be given a chance, an opportunity, and a space to grow.

You are abundant. You are full. You are rich.

Bask in that soul abundance that is you.

As we do.

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment