Do You See What I See?

Supergirl. Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. Spiderman. Heroes leading a double life. Take off the cape, add the glasses, pull the hair up, and what do you have left, a completely different person, unrecognizable to the human eye. An undercover superhero. 

That's what I see when I look at everyone I meet. Superheroes. Some are superheroes in the classroom as teachers, some with numbers as accountants, some as taste testers at Ben and Jerry's, etc. Everyone in their own right, a superhero.

Most superheroes don't even realize they are a hero, oblivious to where they are acting as a hero, how they are changing someone's life. They are simply doing their thing.

I had two experiences recently when "ordinary" folks doing their job turned into superheroes in front of my eyes. Both situations were at restaurants in what could have been very stressful, unpleasant, and not friendly circumstances, and both these individuals made my experience delightful, friendly, and as if there was no rush, and no issue. Amazing. Stupendous. Super. I took a moment to be in awe of them and made a note to say something to them (to the effect of "You are doing a tremendous job and really have inspired me, thank you"), even though I'm not sure they could hear me entirely. I thought it could be awkward and a bit disruptive to say "You are a super hero -- what you are handling right now makes you a superhero!" - so I stuck with subtle and sent the energy of appreciation their way.

How many times a day do you come across someone doing the same? Going about their "job" and yet making a huge impact along the way (mostly one they don't seem too aware of or too concerned about receiving public accolades for). Isn't that really what we admire most about superheroes, that they do it all without us knowing who they really are?

The next time you are feeling a bit low, remember, you are a superhero to me. In being you, in honoring your gifts, and carrying those gifts out into the world - you are super and a hero. Keep going. 

As we do.