Do You Validate?

I went to an appointment at a downtown medical facility recently, and in order to park my car for free I needed my ticket validated. I absolutely love places that validate parking, because then the universe and I get to play a little game. It goes like this...

I walked up to the security desk, and asked the guard if he could validate me. He replied with a grin, "You're awesome! Now, I bet you also want me to stamp your parking ticket..."

Made. My. Day. I high-fived him and danced to my car, smiling at the universe with a little wink-wink to my higher power.

Validation. We all want it, right? We seek it out from partners, friends, bosses, co-workers; basically, we are junkies for a good affirmation of our value. Here's a thought: validation is everywhere, you don't need to seek it. You simply need to see it.

When you are aligned with the energy of something that's meant for you, you know it. The universe tells you, in no uncertain terms. You get a feeling. You see signs. Boom - validation.

If you're after something, and the universe is telling you, "Not that," or "Not yet," you can see that as validation, too, right? It sounds counter-intuitive, but hear me out. 

When you're aligned with your truth and showing up in your life to see it manifest, of course there are going to be energies that don't match up with you. It's a huge step to be able to see that which is misaligned with your purpose or goal, so that you can let it go (or, as we say around here, blow that rose - that's a visualization tool we use to release energy).

When you can readily let go of the things that don't fit in your space, everything gets a little lighter - and that makes seeing your next step possible. Boom - validation.

The Universe validates. Allow yourself to see it.

And notice what happens.


Barbara HolbrookComment