Finding Ease Through Expansion and Retraction

Our weekly topic (expansion) brings me back to, of course, breathing. As Elizabeth already mentioned it in her post, it is one of the things we do every day, many, many times. It expands us and it contracts our organs, our muscles, our skin and it nourishes us with fresh oxygen. In Yoga, we use breath to get in to our pose. And through our pose we find the connection with our body and our spirit.

Through our breath we know, if we have gone too far, if we are pushing too much or if we are holding tension. As soon as the breathing gets heavy or pressed or even held, in yoga, we know, it’s time to adjust and find more space.

So on this very important day, maybe even while standing in line to vote, find a moment to observe. Observe which areas of your body the breath expands and which areas it contracts while moving in and out through you. And as soon as you feel that it is not a natural movement of ease and flow, know it would be a good time to find ways to adjust, to relax, to let go.

Identify the thoughts that tense you up, use our AMP tools to release negative vibes, ground yourself. And then check in again with your breath. Let it widen you, let it open you, let it enter and exit steadily.

Happy Tuesday.

photo by Romy Eichner

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