Oily Inspiration: Minty Fresh!

Ah, mint:  refreshing, invigorating, delicious. Peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen...all are quite lovely. 

We love the mints because they support us in focusing, gaining clarity, and waking up! They also help soothe our sore muscles when we find we have brought a little too much spirit and enthusiasm into the body...

Aromatherapy is one way we love to work with our mints, especially when late night blogging to keep us alert to the last word. Peppermint is tasty to drink as well (one drop will do -- unless you really love mint).

Spearmint, just like peppermint, is a great digestive system supporter. Keep that 2nd and 3rd chakra happy with spearmint or a blend of peppermint and spearmint. You can apply topically with a carrier oil (such as grapeseed oil) and one drop of each oil. Apply to your stomach or even the bottoms of your feet at night for overall support.

Wintergreen accompanies most of our workouts because of its stimulating and refreshing aroma. Add it to lotion or or ointments to massage sore muscles. It includes the naturally occurring methyl salicylate. 

All of these oils help us be in the body by making it easier to be in the body. When our bodies our happy, our minds can move and spirits can soar!

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photo: Elizabeth Guilbeault