Embrace Your Mediumship

When people think of mediumship, they usually think of someone who channels and speaks to those that have passed on. And rightly so, as that is how it is portrayed in the movies and on TV:  Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost, The Long Island Medium, and Patricia Arquette in Medium (to name a few).

Mediumship is more than simply channeling dead people. Mediumship is a powerful tool to connect to your spirit. When you channel your energy, your information, it can look like being in the zone, it can feel electric, and it can help you manifest amazing things. 

When we leave ourselves open to channel other beings, it can look disconnected, create behaviors that don't match our norm, and even foster situations where we don't feel in charge of our actions.

The truth:  we are all mediums. 

The lie:  we have no control over our mediumship.

The truth:  mediumship, when used consciously, is an amazing tool.

The lie:  mediumship is scary.

Mediumship lies first in getting grounding and connecting to your energy. Then practicing moving out of your body through your 7th chakra. Your 7th chakra acts as the gateway between being in your body and being out of your body. You can control it. You can decide when you are in and when you are out. 

Mediumship is the ability to connect to what is beyond the physical. The mediums seen on TV have practiced and honed their ability. When you come to DS for a reading, we have honed that ability. We believe you have it too - you simply haven't honed it, tapped into it in the same manner that we have. We talk to Spirit(s) a lot. 

Next time you are feeling out of your body, not in control, or feeling like you are seeing a movie play out in front of you that is supposedly your life, ask yourself "am I in my body? am I present?" If you notice you are not, use your grounding cord to get back in or use your mediumship space to gather information and access more of your truth. 

When you can play with mediumship, when you can embrace it, it frees you up to have more - more playfulness, more certainty, more insight, and more of the things you wish to have in your life.  

Are you ready to explore and expand your mediumship? 

As we do.

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Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment