#tbt: What Is the Energy of Daring Spirits?

This post originally appeared on June 5, 2015. This Friday, we'll pot an updated reading of the energy of Daring Spirits - it will be fun to see what's shifted!

This post is an energy reading.The following is excerpted from e-mails that we shared the night Daring Spirits went live (6/1/15), and the next morning. We looked at what creating DS represented for us individually and as collaborators. Keep in mind that energy is constantly shifting; this is simply a snapshot of one moment, therefore it may have already changed for one or both of us as we noticed these pictures. That’s part of the fun - clearing and releasing is part of the process!


“First picture is a huge eagle -- flying above a mountain/rock -- also big -- the picture is huge and yet I'm only seeing a portion of it. The picture has to do with the grand scheme of things -- keeping things in perspective, while also allowing the hugeness to be present and to acknowledge the big step collectively and individually that has been taken. The energy of the picture is moving in for the target -- the eagle is circling. There is something here that has been coming about for a while.  

It is still bubbling up -- still coming to light -- the fear picture behind it is that it will show up and that will be the end of it. Almost like, we showed up for a minute and that is that.  It fizzles out. That is a lie picture. This is not about doing it all at once. This is about allowing it to gradually come to life -- all aspects.  And validating each other in the process.  The eagle is reminding us it is okay to circle a few times -- be redundant -- and we can still circle around again....  It is not about how many times we have circled, it is about allowing and continuing.  

There is something about continuing. It looks like there may be times in the circle that it feels like stepping out -- I hear you saying "you made a commitment..." -- that is part of this -- there has been a commitment -- yet each of us are on such a different path now with working together and being friends that is it a different walk entirely. It is almost as if the last few years don't exist -- even though without them we wouldn't be here.  

The word harmony is coming up. Part of this is about you and me creating harmony and healing together -- and creating this for us -- knowing that others may read, watch, listen -- and at the end of the day, we were paying attention and that is all that matters.  

Next thing that pops up is us tweeting to each other -- not necessarily tweeting for others to hear -- we tweet and post as if we are having a conversation with each other. Others can choose to listen, hear, read, etc....  It becomes much lighter when it is about you and me creating this world that others can join versus creating a world for others. The energy shifts entirely and it becomes much more playful and fun. Easy going and validating.  As we entertain each other, we entertain others.”


“I am reading much the same thing. Keep hearing the word "intention"... I see that I got off track a little in the final days leading up to yesterday. Puttering with how the site looks, rather than the content. I was definitely having fun with it, and also getting very precious about how it looks to outside eyes. The conversations are what this whole thing is about, and we both seem to be holding that back, each for our own reasons. There's friction, being authentic might look like being sloppy, will be sloppy, and that is a word that taunts me. 

The fear picture...yes...not allowing something to really grow...my fear picture looks like a garden, where there are lots of little immature plants but nothing bearing fruit. Or just small fruit...e.g., grape tomatoes where I know I planted beefsteaks. Nothing has been nurtured long enough, all the seasons have been too short. The garden is meticulously organized, there's beautiful rich soil, and there's a lack of sunlight and time. There's an impossible variety of plants: tomatoes, sunflowers, nightshades, pineapples, peppers, oranges, cranberries, rice, all in the same patch. So they all need different things, and I am figuring out how to meet all of their needs. Every plant is hanging in, hanging on, but not thriving. 

"Commitment" showed me a lighting strike. Lots of energy, heat, and destruction around agreements right now...white hot...nuclear blasts, blinding destruction. Not all current agreements for this lifetime, but there are a couple. There are several contracts that have been in place for generations, for both of us, legacy agreements, if you will. They are spread out on a table, the old are laid over top of some agreements in this lifetime. The contract between you and me is in the pile, and I am shown parts of it peeking out from under the generational ones. It's so obviously different - the font, the paper, the color of the ink. The writing is animated, it's shifting and growing and changing right before my eyes. THAT's the one I want to read, to follow, to play with, because it's my current information. 

Not just my agreement with you, but my agreements with everybody in this moment. They’re changing and growing in the way that the garden wasn't. Flourishing. Bearing fruit. Now. Right now. Not at the end of the season, not after the next rainfall - now. The big "now," present time. I'm told that I am not a gardener because that requires too much patience and frankly too much trust in the future. A future that isn't guaranteed to happen. That's why my {deceased} mom was there last night, and why I saw {a photo of something relating to a deceased friend} on Facebook while we were sitting there. To push me to own that I don't want to carry outdated agreements, there isn't time for that *and* time for the current stuff to happen. Spirit is unlimited, but bodies are not. Bodies have a finite experience of time in which to accomplish things, and my spirit is scrambling to get out and do!

Whew! That was fun! I almost said I might need to go back to bed, but that's an old picture. I really want to get going and do my household stuff (the groceries aren't going to buy themselves) and then get this on the blog!!”

And so we did. Thanks for reading this far - and if anything we shared resonates with you, please feel encouraged to take the information and apply it to your current circumstances. We often read “matches” - pictures that apply to 2 or more people in that moment. You can receive information from many sources, in many forms, so maybe the reason you read the whole post is that there is something in there for you!