Late Night Alignment

I am writing this post in my hotel room, on the floor, at night, on my phone whilst everyone else sleeps. So please bear with me. Alignment is this week's topic, and I am wondering how aligned I am at this particular moment. Well, to be honest, not as much as i would like to be. It's a little tense to type on the floor. 😉 

What does alignment really mean to me in this situation? To find out I (yes!) watch my breath, I am sure you guessed that part by now. I also wonder if I feel any tension, if my thoughts are light, if I feel like dancing or like sitting down or like taking a nap. I know, taking a nap always helps me to align myself again with the universe and its guidance. 

I realize that typing in this way most certainly takes the alignment out of my creation. So for all our sakes I will stop and write a new post next week for you, on a regular computer, without holding my phone awkwardly and having to rewrite many words over and over because I continue to hit the wrong buttons. Have a happy and aligned week and listen carefully if it doesn't feel right.

Sat Nam.

photo by Romy Eichner

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