3 Ways to Re-Fuel (and not with food)

We all have an "enough" button, a point at which whatever is happening goes from being fine to too much. We hit done, fed up, maxed out, at capacity.

Then what? How do you come back after hitting that point?

Here are 3 ways to re-fuel, re-energize, quickly and easily, to get back to your life (without reaching for the caffeine or chocolate bar):

1.  Connect to your energy. We all have our own unique vibration. There is no one like us. When we connect to that unique vibration and disconnect from other people's feelings and energy, the result is feeling lighter, more awake, and re-energized. To do this, ask yourself what color resonates with you right now, in this moment. Whatever color comes to mind, let that represent you and your unique vibration. Visualize that color surrounding your entire body and even filling in your body. Notice how you feel.

2. Disengage to re-engage. Usually when we get to the point of burnt out, we have lost our connection with our amusement or light heartedness, we have forgotten our original intention and shut off our connection to our creativity, our purpose. How do you re-connect? First, step back - "when it doubt, zoom out" as Reggie Watts says. Pull back. See the bigger picture. Take 10 seconds to remember the spark that brought you to where you are right now. Then re-engage feeling lighter and more energized.  

3. The 40 second power up. You have connected to your energy, you have pulled back to see the bigger picture, now take it to the next level. See where you are going. Sometimes when we feel discouraged or low on energy, it's because we are not sure where we are headed and we have lost some of our enthusiasm for what we were creating. If we don't know or believe in the outcome, we can feel depressed or sluggish, we can lose our drive. To reset this, take 40 seconds - yes, that is it - 40 seconds to power back up. In those 40 seconds, look at what is to come. Glimpse ahead - let yourself see it, dream it, imagine it, visualize it. If you can see it, you can have it. Take 40 seconds to see it. When you give yourself permission to visualize and play with what is ahead, things open up. When there is space created, more can come into being. 40 seconds to find your excitement and focus and then get back to business!  

Experiment with how these tips work for you. Make them your own. Use them to de-stress, find balance, and get clarity. You may find your don't need the afternoon caffeine break after all. 

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Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment