Every New Beginning...

This week's topic (endings and beginnings) reminds me of one of my favorite songs by the band called Semisonic. The song is called "Closing Time" and the last phrase of it popped into my head the moment I heard about our theme. And it just keeps popping into my head, over and over. So I thought I'd mention it here. "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end". It tends to get stuck in your ear.

In yoga, we are closing every class with "corpse pose," also called Savasana. We find a comfortable way of laying on the floor, with bolsters supporting our legs, or under our head, whatever our bodies are asking for, to be able to rest well for a time frame of about 5 minutes, if possible.

Laying on the floor, resting, we might review our practice, we might be able to go into a meditative state, some of us fall asleep. We can practice breathing, we can visualize laying on the beach. All in the name of relaxing, collecting ourselves in the end to brave the next part of the day, morning, evening, depending on when we practiced our yoga this time.

So, how about this week, as it is our last week of this fabulous year of 2016, we practice a form of a week-long Savasana, an idea from your yoga teacher over here. Let us find as many moments as possible during which we can rest, we can practice letting go of anything on our minds. We can find peace and quiet, meet our breath. We can review the year, find gratitude for whatever has occurred this year, whatever helped us grow, strengthen, adjust and stretch. Then again, we meet out breath, we meditate, we journal and we make a first plan of what we want to lie ahead. We have a week.  Let us rest.

Happy New Year.

Sat Nam.

photo by Romy Eichner

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