Daring Spirit: Yours Truly, The Daring Spirits Team

We are wicked excited to announce a collaboration with a local website and Facebook community, Andover Mums. Each week, we highlight individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and the like that are following their dreams and passions, enriching lives, and bettering the planet. This new collaboration will allow us to do that on a local level as well as continuing to shine a light on people all over the world.

To kick it off, Andover Mums owner Johanna Buoncontri asked us to turn our own interview questions on ourselves - the faces behind Daring Spirits.  

Our business grew out of a desire to teach, inspire, and guide as well as create a conversation about spirit, integrating mind, body, and spirit, and the profound ways we are all connected. We teach real life meditation for real life results. We seek to raise the level of consciousness and vibration of the world. We do it through teaching active meditation and techniques to see, connect, and know your truth. 

We love to coach and work one-on-one as well as work with larger groups. We aim to teach everyone to de-stress, re-energize, and find calm whether they have five seconds, five minutes, or five hours to meditate. It really can be easy and fun! 

Here's the format of our Featured Daring Spirits posts, and a chance to get to know us a little bit. 

Daring Spirits: Tell us about a decision that felt really bold.

Us: We, the DS team (Alicia, Romy, Barbara, and Elizabeth) feel fairly bold every time we gather together and share, laugh, and connect authentically. Letting other people see us for who we are always feels a bit bold!

In a practical way, our recent decision to transition our website to a pay-what-you-want pricing model has been described as bold. Yes, it felt daring, and it was simply the next step in honoring our place in the rising awareness of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. As energy workers, we have to be pretty comfortable with taking bold actions; sometimes even telling people what we do feels like a bold (and often amusing) step! 

Daring Spirits:  Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then the Universe delivered.

Us: Anyone who has ever stepped out of the norm and attempted something new or different can attest that there are days everything feels "wrong." As energy workers, we are no different, except that perhaps we have practiced having neutrality with the ups and downs. Neutrality creates a space to see the "wrongs" for what they are -- a learning opportunity, and often not actually "wrong" after all!

Functionally, we're a web-based business, and our de facto CTO (Barbara) makes no bones about expressing her frustration when tech things go awry, even with the energy tools she has at her disposal. One tech aspect of our podcast, for example, took longer than expected, and she was getting antsy about it. Turns out that the Universe was lining up a connection that would help us promote the podcast, and if she hadn't been in the right place at the right time, that connection might not have been made.

It's really quite delightful to watch how the "wrongs" end up turning into things that exceed our expectations. Yes, they can be stressful in the moment (even meditators have a stress response, after all), and it helps to remind ourselves that it's simply the Universe redirecting us. 

Daring Spirits: What's one thing you really want people to know (about the world, about you, about life — this is your chance to drop some knowledge!)?

Us: The Universe wants to support you on your path to success. Abundance is not in short supply. And meditation is easy and fun!  

Daring Spirits: 
Beach or mountains? Sweet or spicy? Window or aisle? 

Us: While we do love both, you can find us all hanging at the beach as often as possible when the season allows. Alicia does love to spice things up for us all, however, we tend to go sweet when we gather together! Window, aisle, window, aisle - we will take the entire row! 

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