Friday Phenomenon: Body - Mind - Spirit - All Together Now

Growth happens at different rates and different times even when the growth is happening in the same person. Our bodies, then our minds, then our spirits or vice versa. Everything is constantly in motion, gears turning, and perspectives shifting. With all that change, how do we stay in alignment? How do we keep it all lining up?

Elizabeth: Practice. Practice. Practice. Like so much in life, the more we tune in, practice, and pay attention, the easier time we have lining things up. 

Sometimes the mind shifts first, sometimes the body takes a step, sometimes spirit spurs the growth. Regardless of who or what steps first, seeing and recognizing the growth is huge to then reconnect the pieces.  

This came up for me in yoga the other day as I was moving through poses, noticing my breath and tuning in to things shifting. In this particular class, the teacher was using different poses that at the core were the same. I made the connection and noticed how each pose spoke to me differently. One variation pushed me on a body level, one pushed me to focus rather than let my mind wander, and one pushed me to turn things over to spirit and allow, allow, allow. Body, mind, and spirit working together, leaning on one another, and creating space to move things to the next level. 

Barbara: We stay in alignment by having a clear vision of who we are - of what we are - at the most basic level. We are human-shaped arrangements of atoms animated by some kind of cosmic energy (manifestations of divine love, thoughts in the mind of God, whatever language you prefer). Each of us has our own unique vibration, and each of us is a part of something beyond our physical perception. When we have that awareness, we maintain our sense of self regardless of our circumstances. Alignment is our natural state.

I'm gonna get pretty woo-woo here for a minute. Our point of view changes as we grow. Our thought structure changes. Our behavior changes. We - who we are, what we are - does not change. Metaphysically, we are the same now as we have been for lifetimes, and will be for lifetimes to come. Every possible thought we could have or action we could take is wired into our system. We activate different outcomes based on which ones we choose.

We experience different realities based on how we think about them (or as we like to say, how we see them).

When we feel out of alignment, it's because our thinking has led us away from our spiritual truth. We feel out of alignment when we start believing that our identity changes based on what we're thinking, feeling, or doing. It doesn't. Our identity is rooted in our spiritual awareness. Returning to that awareness, and letting our thoughts and actions naturally flow from that, restores our sense of alignment every time. 

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