Friday Challenge: Destination Unknown

Traveling is fun - all kinds - work, play, astral. Sometimes we don't always know where we are traveling to or going to end up. Life is like that a lot. We get up and think we have a plan for the day and it leads us somewhere completely different, even somewhere unknown...



Sometimes we have our sights set on something - an event, a milestone, an image of ourselves at a certain point in our lives. We can get attached to that thought, that picture, that thing. We think to ourselves "when we get to 'x' point, things will be good" or "when x happens, everything else will fall into place" and yet, how many times does that actually happen? 

I have fallen victim to future thinking thoughts. I catch myself getting attached -- growing things, liking what I am growing, and attaching importance to 'it' rather than sitting back and embracing the experience. I find myself looking forward rather than looking present. While some looking ahead is necessary in life (planning the doctor's, dentists, trips, etc), I have noticed it is when I get too attached to what's ahead that the hiccups, the stumbles, the fears, the hesitations, and the resistances arise.

When I stay present and allow the destination to unfold organically, life eases and a more gentle rhythm emerges. 

When I detach from the events, the milestones, the things, life fills with amusement, hugs, joy, laughter, family, and friendships. 

When I let the GPS metaphorically decide for me, the path naturally appears. 

Perhaps you know your destination and that feels comfortable to you. Perhaps you are not sure and that has created angst. Perhaps you are like me and working consciously to have a general idea and let the destination reveal itself in time, little by little, place by place.

Regardless of where you are on your travels, it might be a good time to step back and take a look, check in, and remind yourself "destination known? destination unknown? Either way, I'm present and good."



I always know where I'm going and exactly how I'm going to get there. I arrive on time, unruffled, and perfectly pressed.*

I am in the midst of one of those "destination unknown" moments. There's a milestone approaching, and even though I've been watching it loom ever closer I am still unclear as to what I expect to happen when it arrives. It's an experience that, while fairly common, everyone handles in their own way - there's no right or wrong, no clear path to follow.

So, what's a gal on a journey without a map to do? Well, I'm not going to panic (much more than I already have) because Elizabeth's words are a great reminder that I'm trying to embrace the journey without dogged attachment to a destination. Attachment is brutal, it complicates life in unnecessary ways. It's also seductive. In theory, I know it's not the best companion for me; in practice, I fall for it every time.

Pretty sure Air Supply wrote songs about me and attachment.** 

I can see that it's time to let it be. It's time to take a step back and detach from my perfect picture, my dream destination, and my dictatorial navigation. It's time, metaphorically speaking, to take my hands off the wheel and let the road rise to meet me.

I may not know exactly where I'll be spiritually when the sun rises on my milestone day, but I know that physically I plan to be somewhere beautiful and spend the day in the company of people who love me, and there will be laughter and probably tears and definitely cake. 

Do I need to know anything more about the destination than that? Besides, it's only a destination because I've chosen to call it one - it's simply a moment on the journey to pause and acknowledge where I've been so far, and from there to take the next step forward with new awareness.

Isn't awareness the only GPS we need?


*Also, I've got a bridge for sale. 

**Not really, but if they had, I totally would have recorded them off the radio on my boombox.




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