Friday Challenge: Dreams, Dreaming, and Dreamers

We love to dream here at DS:  dream up ideas, day dream, and sleep dream. We love to consciously work with our dreams during sleep to access our information and bring insights into our everyday life and we love to talk about it all!

During one of my (Elizabeth's) careers, I had a co-worker who when asked how she was doing would frequently answer "living the dream," to which I would frequently respond, "whose dream?" 

This week, Mercury retrograded (until September 22 impacting communication) and lots of children went back to school. With Fall looming right around the corner, it is an ideal time to revisit dreams...


I love to dream. I love to notice what comes up in my dreams. I love to set intentions before I go to sleep to get information on the astral. I love to look at what came up in the dream and, of course, I love to discuss it and gain further insights. 

As my children are getting older, I love to hear more about their dreams too - both the dreams they have at night and for their lives. Dreams help us to see ourselves. When we connect to our individual dreams we create space to more fully connect to who we are here to be.

Connecting to dreams can be easy and yet, sometimes, it can feel impossible. Sometimes we may think we are on the track to fulfilling our dreams, only to realize it was someone else's vision. No harm, no foul once recognized, move back to your dream track.  

Dare I ask, are you living your dream?


One of my absolute fondest childhood memories involved ritualistically crawling into my mom’s king size bed in the morning and talking about my dreams. Sometimes we would laugh - I remember a particularly vivid dream that started with “I was running through a field looking for Catholics…” To this day I have no idea why I was looking for them. Sometimes we would cry if a dream involved a relative that had moved on. A lot of the time these reflections would lead to deeper conversations about life and emotions. I’ve always found that dreams offer insights into the unconscious, a neutral platform for processing our experiences.

Day dreaming is another form of dreaming I’ve always been fond of. Once I started meditation and clairvoyance work I found a new term for this beloved pastime, mock ups. Mock ups essentially became organized day dreams for me - focusing intention on the things I wanted to create and draw into my life. As Elizabeth mentioned, sometimes we grab hold of dreams that aren’t exactly ours. We can go charging down a path only to realize that it wasn’t quite what we had in mind. The reality did not live up to the dream. The brilliance of this is being able to acknowledge the misstep and be willing to navigate in the direction of a new dream.

Keep dreaming, fellow Daring Spirits!   

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment