Friday Fun: How Do We Individually Heal the Collective?

We have noticed a lot of pain and intensity in the news of late. Tragedies happening all over the world. It seems we don't need to look far to find suffering in our own backyards which raises the question:  What can we do as individuals to heal the collective? How do we help in the healing post-tragedy in hopes of no more tragedy?


Meditate. Meditation continues to not only help individuals to heal, that healing ripples out and impacts everyone around you. Meditation changes everything.

Pause. We all need to pause and notice. It only takes a second, a second, to stop, to notice, to see. In that second, so much can shift, so much awareness can be gained, and so much healing can occur.

Feel. The more we as a society allow ourselves to feel and see, to acknowledge the pain, the easier to heal. When you don't validate the hurt, it makes it challenging to heal the hurt. It's okay to cry. It's okay to not know what to say. It's okay to feel sad. It's in the sadness that hope, healing, and transformation can emerge. 


Be. I agree with Elizabeth - meditation invites healing, peace, and connection. It needn't be complicated - it can be as simple as closing our eyes and noticing the rhythm of our breathing. Simply noticing at first, and then, gently, allowing our breath to relax our bodies. As we relax, our breathing naturally becomes deeper and we become calmer. We begin by holding the space for our own breathe, and allowing ourselves to simply be.

Show up. It's better to have a wounded friend to lean on than no friend to lean on at all. We are all wounded, and we all need to lean. The more we can show up for each other, sharing our pain and supporting each other through it, the more connection and healing energy we release into the world.

Respond. We have to commit to acting with the intention to heal, to comfort, to connect - we may have to change the way we move through the world and interact with each other. Individually, we are responsible for each other. We are response-able. We have the ability to respond. It's part of sharing the world with each other - responsibly.