Friday Fun: New Moon, New Ideas

We use each month's New Moon to re-visit what we seek to manifest and what we aim to create in our lives. It represents an opportunity to consciously look at what we want to bring into our lives while also looking back to all that has changed in the month (especially fun to keep a running list to refer to as New Moon Wishes - a list of 7 to 10 items).

This week's challenge in honor of the New Moon -- 2 "new" things you have done or attempted in the last week that have caused you to stretch and grow:


1. Going with the flow! I'm currently traveling in Minnesota for 3 weeks, visiting family and friends with my kids. I am intentionally not planning things more than a day or two in advance as the trip unfolds; instead, I am meditating throughout each day and following the schedule the universe has lined up for us. I have a list of people I want to see & activities I want us to do, and I'm letting the how & when be revealed to me rather than dictating it. It has made this trip so much fun!

2. Similar to #1, but different: chilling the f*ck out. My apologies for being crass, but seriously - for a former type-A borderline-OCD Virgo perfectionist, it's really the only phrase that captures the magnitude of what's happening here. Trusting my capable husband to remodel a bathroom while I'm gone without so much as looking at a paint swatch...enjoying mountains of sugar while on vaca...screen time free-for-all during long hours of flying & driving...calmly accepting my dad's backseat driving...all without a second thought. This is a seismic shift, people!


1. Sharing! Not sharing my toys (that, I would like to think, I have a fairly good handle on), rather sharing thoughts and creations. Conversations unfolded during the last week that have naturally created space for discussions and exchanging of ideas. I have not experienced that ease of conversation in a while when specifically relating to topics such as energy, spirit, things happening/paths crossing for a reason, and the magic of coincidences that are not really coincidences at all...  

2. Roller skating -- wow. I had not roller skated in decades. It was so much fun and brought back so many memories as I skated at first a little timidly, then more confidently. What a reminder for me of how healing re-creating the past can be. Re-visiting old memories fosters seeing from a different perspective and level of understanding. So validating and fun! 

* Note:  I want to highlight that after reading Barbara's post, I was struck how some of her "chilling" out has been happening for me as well which might have translated into these conversations and experiences. Thank you, B, for making that happen for the 'team.'

* Another side note:  We wrote about Vision Boards a few weeks ago. One of the things I had put on my vision board was conversations. As I wrote this, I was once again reminded how powerful vision boards are as I did not consciously start the week to have the conversations I had. Nice job, Universe. Well played, once again.