Friday Fun: Transformation

Fall is here! Time for sweaters, jeans, and tailgating.

We here at DS are using the change in climate as a prompt to take stock of where we are and what might need updating or changing in both our lives and at Daring Spirits. To that end, we have been busy behind the scenes bringing things into present time. 

Some of what has needed attention has taken us out of our comfort zones. You know the zone - the place where things feel easy, safe, warm, and cozy. Moving out of the place can feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and vulnerable. Yet, most life coaches and motivational types will attest: that is where the growth is!

So, grow we is a look at where we have been stepping and stretching...


Comfort zone? Oh yeah I remember what that felt like, vaguely….. Here’s the deal:  I love the comfort zone and I lived for it for a long time. You know what the problem is with always playing it safe? It’s boring and it can’t last, not without major sacrifices to self.  

So what happens one day? You bust out of the box and make a big old mess.

Or at least that is what it feels like to me at times, although it may be unfair to say I made the mess, regardless a "mess" was made. I found myself completely outside the comfort zone, and riding the subsequent wave for some time now. I won't bore you with the details, simply think simultaneous relationship change, job change, and 1500 mile move change. That's a lot of change! 

While living with a whole lot of balls up in the air may sound scary and, sometimes it really is, it has created the platform for amazing personal growth.

Although I’m going with the flow and working the personal growth, that does not mean I’m always comfortable with it. Yesterday I asked Elizabeth, “Can things feel settled for one day without unearthing a new problem?!” I use the term problem loosely; because I am choosing to push myself further, to ask the deeper questions that catapult me deeper into my own authenticity. I am choosing to transform into the butterfly because while staying the caterpillar may have felt comfortable, it was never who I was meant to be. 


I joke that I will happily step out of my comfort zone as soon as I find the edge of it. I am an extroverted introvert, things that make other people uncomfortable don't seem to bother me (think public speaking, making a fool of myself, trying new things). And yet I can be oddly shy at the most mundane moments - for example, making phone calls. I hate making phone calls. Why? Who knows! I digress...

Where I was going with that is here: I have been gifted the ability to make myself at home pretty much anywhere. It's taken me decades to understand it, to see it, to claim it, to define it - and to learn how to step into it by choice rather than by chance.

What, specifically, is "it"?

"It" is the ability to get my space regardless of my surroundings- to be grounded, protected, surrounded by my own unique vibration, centered in my aura (or centered in my truth) as some might say. 

Learning to see discomfort as a signal from the Universe that I am matching energy that isn't mine has been life-changing. Seeing staying in discomfort as a choice has been life-giving.  


I love to grow and change. A change addict? I hope not that far...although, I do like to re-arrange my house on a fairly regular basis...we won't go there now. Instead, let's talk comfort zones. They are so nice, roomy, and usually a perfect fit. My comfort zones usually include non-judgement zones, gentle, nurturing environments, and very little friction. And yet, I know and understand my real growth never lies in those places.

And sometimes, I have to give myself a pep talk to step out of my comfort zone. Are you with me? My comfort zone is so nice, grounded and set up the way I like it. I don't wanna go anywhere! 

And yet, the call persists, the call from the other zone, the call to grow, to go for it, to expand the vision. 

What I have found to really help? Yes, you guessed it, meditation, specifically working in my meditation to set the space for the step I want to take. How do I do that? Naturally, with my AMP tools:  I ground the space, work neutral gold, and protect the space. I spend time (a few minutes or however long I have) each day observing, seeing, and noticing the space calling for my attention. 

The result? Stepping out of my comfort zone all of a sudden feels less intimidating, less effortful, and less stressful. It becomes natural and full of ease.

Who knew taking next steps could be so easy? 


We would love to keep this conversation going with you. Where are you transforming? Is active meditation helping you grow and change? What other techniques do you use to assist with transformation and change? Post your comments on our blog or share with us on FB. Thank you!


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