Friday Fun: The Power of Seeing Energy

Surprise! You are reading a blog written by two clairvoyants. What? How did this happen? It's true. We have spent the last few months blogging and loving it. We are relishing your comments and hope to invite more. 

One of the things we have come to terms with is that we are clairvoyants, psychics, just a couple of seers, wishing to share that with the world. We love being able to see and while we don't always see everything (we are human, we miss things, we are looking the 'wrong' way), we have noticed how this ability we have honed, developed, and practiced makes a huge difference in our day to day lives. It creates space and permission to look. We would love for you to join us in this ability, because you absolutely can, too (more on that in the coming weeks through our shop).


Why was it such a big deal to "come out" as a clairvoyant? Well, for me, part of is was claiming the vocabulary, putting words to things that I have been doing all my life. Hearing the voices of and receiving guidance from my departed grandparents, dreaming about things before they happen, and finally, seeking to have a multi-faceted relationship with my late mother were all part of my journey toward seeing energy.

I was raised (loosely) in the Christian tradition, amidst some conflicts around specific styles of worship and doctrine, so anything "spiritual" was challenging for me to articulate without fear of saying the wrong thing. I get it - there are a lot of pictures around all the stuff we cannot perceive with our bodily senses. Religion and spirituality are intertwined, and it can be scary to step out of that.

And yet, throwing my lot in with clairvoyants, mediums, seers, and psychics was a big step. It required a lot of de-programming for me to wear those labels openly. I had to ask myself, why bother? Why not learn the skills and keep the power to myself? 

Truthfully, opening myself up to clairvoyance and mediumship has given me a deeper grounding in spirituality; it has enriched my understanding of the Bible, the Christ energy, the teachings of Jesus, and all that the universe is. It's not God or energy, it's God and energy. For me it's about being able to partner with the infinite to create the kind of life that engages and amuses and excites the deepest, most real parts of me.

For me, the power of seeing energy is that it allows me to live more deeply, to go beyond the surface of my bodily existence and explore what lies within and beyond the collection of atoms that organize themselves into a me-shaped presence every day. And that's just too damn juicy not to share!


I walked into a school in Chicago for a meditation class, saw two people sitting across from each other 'reading' each other and said to myself - I want to do that! I didn't even know what 'that' was. I simply knew 'that' is what I wanted to know how to do. 

Honing my ability to see and read energy felt so natural, easy, fun. I couldn't understand (and still don't entirely) why everyone wouldn't want to do this. I understand not wanting to read professionally, hang up a "psychic readings here!" sign, however, for your own personal use? Why not?

To me, seeing energy, being clairvoyant, is a tool.

We are all healers. We are all here healing in some way, some how, ourselves and others, individually and outwardly. We are all working in the collective, whether we want to or not. Seeing is another tool for healing. Seeing your answers is a quick and easy way to find your truth, to know yourself, to access your information. When you can see for yourself, a lot of doubt, second guessing, uncertainty fades away. It becomes background. Your reality becomes one of certainty and trust (not saying you are always right from here on out...simply you can see what looks good to you).

I use my clairvoyant tool all day long. It has become my faithful companion. While I don't spend my time walking around reading everyone I meet or see on the street or in the neighborhood (that's not what this tool is for), I use it to see for me, to help me, to navigate my life. When we are looking at making a decision, moving or staying, coming or going, I have a tool for that.