Friday Fun: Trusting the Game

Is life a game? Is it serious and hard? Is it easy and fun? How much of life do you trust? How much of yourself do you trust? 

We asked ourselves these tough questions too...


I would like to think I trust the process, the game, 100% of the time. I also know that I would be lying if I said that. Trust is such an interesting thing. You completely trust someone, something and then all of a sudden with one action, one statement, that trust is gone? Or does it take two or three actions or statements? What's all this fuss about trust anyway? Isn't the only person that matters in your trust circle you because really, you can only control yourself? 

People are people. People make mistakes. People make up for those mistakes. People are doing the best they can. People are operating from many different stages of life. Trusting someone to do or not do something, to say or not say something, to believe or not believe something...well, I'm not sure that is a valuable use of our time. 

Perhaps if we all trusted ourselves a little more and focused a little less on the ifs or what ifs of others, the world would look different. Perhaps people would make different choices. Life would be....mmm....I don't know, trusting?


It's kind of funny/sad...even after all the times I've had my backside saved by the universe, I still forget to trust it more often than not. In pretty much everything I undertake, there comes a point where I realize that I've rushed out of the gate or gotten myself in over my head, and I feel like I am flying without a net for a little while (or a long while, depending on the situation). I get to the point of wanting to throw up my hands and walk away...then I realize that what I am doing is handing it over God. Crying uncle. Trusting something will come in and get things on track. Trusting that it will all be ok.

And the funny part is, most of the time, it is. And when it isn't, somehow I end up having what I need to survive the crash. 

The sad part is, I don't always remember that. If I were a quicker study, I would consistently start by handing it over, I would begin with trust in the universe. With trust in myself. Because that's what it really comes down to, isn't it? Trusting myself to follow the energy, to read the signs, to intuit the next right move and then make it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

When I believe in myself, when I believe in my ability not necessarily to do something on my own, but in my ability to actively participate in something getting done - that's when the magic happens. That's when things are lighter, smoother, more fun. The element of trust takes the pressure off, and allows the energy to flow where it needs to flow without my stubborn independent self in its way. Trusting in the game is practical magic, and may lead to something akin to miracles - so only do it if you're prepared for an exciting ride!