Friday Fun: What Would Be Your Super Power?


After proposing this challenge, I now find myself sitting wrestling with the many thoughts of possible super powers, with the looming question - what makes something super? 

I would like to think we all have our own innate super powers, strengths we came into this world with that sometimes show up early on and sometimes lurk in the shadows until they seemingly come out of nowhere when we least expect it. I remember growing up seeing "super powers" in others:  recognizing early on that my brother had this amazing skill to look at something, take it apart, and re-assemble it in no time flat and that my other brother had this unbelievable ability to attract, well, anything and everything - people, opportunities, animals, you name it. Both have continued to this day working with their "super powers" as they move about their life, only to them, it is not a super power, it's part of who they are.

That's how super powers work. When you have one, yours, it becomes more of simply who you are and not something super. We forget to validate our powers. All those extraordinary things we simply do throughout our day, we forget how really extraordinary they are - the magical kiss only a mother has to heal her child's wound, the solution you shared with your co-worker that no one else thought of, the listening ear you offered your niece when no one else could hear her. We each have "super powers" we tap into each day. 

So, in light of all that, my super power would be to make meals appear whenever I need them to feed the happy little ones that stare at me across the kitchen counter in anticipation 3-4 times a day...


There are many days when I would be content to claim "dicing an onion" as my super power. (That was hard to type with the bandage on my thumb, which was injured in a recent onion-dicing fiasco!)

I've given lots of thought to super powers over the years. Telekinesis was a strong contender for most of my childhood; flying, invisibility, time travel, perfect pitch, and making babies sleep for more than 20 minutes at time have all had their turn at the fore. But the one I have landed on as a long-term super power wish - an attainable one, I might add - is the ability to live in the moment.

To not be caught up in worry about the future or regret about the past, but to truly be present for what is unfolding now, feels like a super power. I can't do it all the time, nor am I able to consistently do it on demand, but when I can, it makes me feel super. And that's powerful enough for me!

And if I ever master the onion dicing, well, then, I will have 2 super powers!