Friday Change Up: What's Shaking?

There is a lot to this life thing - ups, downs, good, bad, sweet, spicy, happy, sad. No wonder we need to check out and sleep each night (day) to recover our energy!  And that's just normal days/nights.

How about when we shake things up a bit and go for different? When we seek out new and attempt to change things up a bit? Where does that leave us? Depleted and tired? Energized and excited? A little bit of both?

We have been shaking things up a bit here at DS...sending out newsletters with meditations, offering up events, sharing our message, and daring to contribute to the collective consciousness.

This week we thought we would ask you, what's shaking? Where are you changing things up? Where are you attempting the new and the bold?

We really do want to hear from you. Aside from the fact that it gets a little lonely here on this side of the screen, it's wildly validating to speak your truth. When you own what you are consciously co-creating and share that with others, you're letting the universe know that you're all in. It helps you gain clarity and align with what you really want - so go for it! 

Comment here, or over on Facebook and let's raise our vibrations for the weekend!