Friday Fun: On Being Clairvoyant

We love to sit and talk about anything and everything. One of our favorite topics is what we are seeing, what we are noticing, and all things spirit!

This week's conversation centered on being clairvoyant.


Like most kids, particularly theater-loving kids, I had a flair for the dramatic. I talk(ed) to myself - a lot - carrying on lengthy conversations with imaginary partners in my head.

Then one day I noticed that sometimes I could go back after an event and connect it to a feeling, a dream, an earlier conversation in my head.

My most powerful memory of such was when I was in my early teens. I woke up shaking, with a strong feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I had been dreaming about my grandparents' cabin, a place to which I felt a deep attachment - even though being there at night always made me a little nervous (and not just because of the spiders in the outhouse!). In my dream, I was walking down the long dirt driveway when I came to a giant pine tree that had fallen in my path. It was exaggerated in size, impassable. A couple of hours later our household was awakened by a phone call. A pine tree on the property had been struck by lightening during the night, and the cabin had been destroyed by fire.

I think about that dream a lot. What was that? Where did it come from? Why did I see it? Does it matter why? 

I think it matters because years later, it helped me keep an open mind about clairvoyance. That dream, coupled with the personality trait of being the one who almost always sees (and often speaks up about) the elephant in the room, is what I kept coming back to in my clairvoyant training. 

Learning to use that information, instead of hiding or apologizing for it, is wildly liberating. 

I used to think that clairvoyance was a special gift (or, more cynically, the result of mad marketing skills). Now I know that everything is energy, it's perceptible, and I love encouraging people to figure out how that works for them and to actively engage with it. 


I remember growing up noticing things, yet not having words for what I felt or noticed. Now I know that was my clairvoyance, my intuition, speaking to me.

One of my challenges is in raising clairvoyant children - to give them permission to not shut off their intuitive selves and to keep validating the information they are getting. Our society doesn't exactly promote using your intuition, especially when it comes to testing in schools. While I understand the relevance and importance (I love math, science, and facts), I also seek balance with honoring the energy of things, trusting the gut responses, and opening up space for seeing energetically the answers. 

Being Clairvoyant has allowed me to validate the pieces of myself that always got information yet didn't have the words for them. It has helped me trust myself and know myself more fully. It has also helped me gain insight and better understanding into events that have unfolded. The most powerful thing it has done is created a space for neutrality in my life. While I am far from perfect, I can see the benefit of working from neutrality, of refraining from judgment, and of allowing life to unfold.