Friday Fact: Meditation Makes Me A Better...

We played a game the other night at dinner. One of us started a sentence such as "the best days include..." and we then went around completing the sentence with what is true for us. It was so much fun. 

So, this week we wanted to do the same with the aim that some of you might post your responses in the comments below!

Elizabeth: Meditation makes me a better listener

I have been known to be quick, a fast talker, a mover. Meditation helps remind me to create space to listen (to myself and others) and to allow. Listening is a challenging thing in this go, go, go world where we are bombarded with information and entertainment. To pay attention and notice takes practice, takes courage, takes determination. Listening is an art, a skill, and one I continue to practice (it is a practice). The Universe constantly delivers messages that are much easier to receive when the space to listen exists. 

While I still love to go, go, go and I love to do things "real quick," active meditation continues to make me a better listener, something I will continue to practice each day...

Barbara: Meditation makes me a better receiver.

I don't mean like a radio receiver picking up on energetic wavelengths and getting information (although yes, it does work that way, too - that's a post for another time). I mean a receiver as in one who can gratefully receive from the Universe. 

When I can be in my own space, rather than looking around at everything by my own mental/emotional/spiritual business, I am more attuned to what the Universe is giving me. I'm more in touch with what my Creator wants me to see, hear, and know. I am better able to let go of old pictures and ideas, which naturally leaves my hands and heart open to receive.

It's definitely a practice, we say that around here all the time. Listening, receiving, practicing gratitude, living from abundance rather than scarcity, connecting, speaking your truth; all of these things are practices, and all of them are skills and attitudes that can be honed through meditation. 

Your turn! Meditation makes me a better...

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