Friday Fantasy: What do You Want to Manifest?

In your wildest dreams, what do you do? Who are you? What have you manifested? If you're totally honest with yourself, the answer may surprise you.


In my wildest dreams, I am still me with a few additional hobbies such as volleyball and singing. I would like to be a smart, sassy volleyball player (indoor or beach) by day and a singer by later in the day (not too late as I do love my sleep time). 

Some would say "you can do those things now!" To which I respond, "yes, and..." 

I have played volleyball for years and loved it all. I will return to it one day, most likely when my children find the sport and I will either take up residence as an adoring fan or get lucky enough to be a coach. As for singing, well, I have been known to pick up a karaoke mic once or twice before and have a ball. 

Life is full of opportunities to manifest our dreams, the serious, the fun, the wild, the impossible, and the possible. Dare to dream it and then be wowed by your awesome abilities to create it! 


Well, gee, if I say anything other than "I'm doing exactly what I 'm doing, I'm who I am meant to be, and I've manifested my dream life already," then I'm tipping my hand that I have not yet perfected co-creating, aren't I? 

Seriously, though (because, heaven knows manifesting is serious business! [*snort*])...

For the sake of conversation, let's just say for a moment that my wildest dreams have yet to fully manifest on a body level.

My wildest dreams are no longer about what I want to manifest - they're about the thrill of connecting to the creative energy in whatever I am co-creating with the universe. Whether it's a house on Lake Como ("Hey, George, can I borrow a cup of sugar?") or a new lint brush (I can't be the only person in the world who finds tape rollers annoying), at the end of the day it's all the same. It's all just arrangements of atoms, it's all just energy. 

If I can't figure out how to be overjoyed about the lint roller, I probably won't fully appreciate the lake house - and thus, I won't be able to match the vibration of Lake Como real estate and call it in. Here's what I have learned about manifesting: the Universe doesn't seem to know the difference between a big mockup and a small one. I do, though, because my little human brain likes to put things in order, it likes to assign relative value to things.

So I guess I would say, in my wildest dreams, I have cultivated my ability to co-create with the Universe and trust it so much that whatever I manifest honors that connection and raises the vibration of the world around me because it's infused with love, joy, and gratitude. I am a joyful receiver, so the Universe just keeps on giving.