Friday Fatigue: Are You Settling?

It's easy to become complacent about life, to get in a routine, to forget to see things happening around you, to let things slip by unnoticed, and to fall in to a rhythm with the day to day activities. It's much more challenging to stay aware, to be conscious, to see the bigger picture each day and remember why and for what. 

Elizabeth: Life without energy work would feel like settling to me. I rely on my AMP (Active Meditation Practice) techniques plus my ability to see energy each day. Without those tools, I know I could easily slip into a rut and settle. 

Meditation helps me stay focused, reminds me to look up, and grounds me. Seeing energy validates my experiences (or my experiences validate my seeing) and keeps me moving forward. I have noticed that because I am often looking, seeing, noticing, I question more rather than following suit just because. I aim to discover my own information and to inspire others to do the same. Being able to access my answers through active meditation and clairvoyance was a game changer for me.

While I won't claim I never settle, I don't usually view anything as settling because of my honed ability to consciously move forward with what I am doing or creating. When you embrace your ability as consciously co-creator, the room to settle gets edged out...and replaced with the enthusiasm for what you are manifesting! 

Barbara: It absolutely is more challenging to stay aware, to be present, to pay attention. Think about all the ways we have to numb out; substance abuse, endless scrolling on our phones, spiritual bypassing, to name a few.

Spiritual bypassing? What's that? Well, it's kind of the dark underbelly of Team Spirituality, our dirty little secret - the idea that it's somehow more "spiritual" to rise above it, to not go negative, to not see the very real circumstances our bodies are experiencing (individually and collectively), to the point where we just don't do anything about them. We settle by virtue of our inaction, and nothing changes.

Here's the thing, though: it's our heightened awareness and presence in the moment that drives us to make changes on the body level. Collective tuning out can lead to social apathy and political disengagement. Individual tuning out can lead to ignoring pressing health issues or abusing our bodies. In both instances, settling for whatever comes along looks a lot like accepting a picture of helplessness. We don't feel empowered to change it, so we turn our backs on it - and yes, sometimes people do that in the name of "being spiritual" or "surrendering."

There's a big difference between surrendering and settling, though. One implies a partnership with the Universe to co-create something different, even if we do not see exactly what or how we trust and are open to taking action when the direction from our higher power becomes clear. The other lets us off the hook, so to speak, and gives us permission to close ourselves off to an alternative reality - even if that alternative reality is more comfortable than the circumstances we're sitting in at the moment.

Learning how to surrender is a skill many of us need to practice, and settling is, for many of us, a factory default setting. Fortunately, practices like meditation can go a long way in rewiring our defaults and empowering us to make changes. By changing how we think about and look at things, we actually change how we experience them. If you're settling for something, and you're ready to be done with that, the key to changing it is right between your eyes, in the center of your head. Go!

For a map to the center of your head and a collection of tools to help you start to think about things differently, check out either our AMP (Active Meditation Practice) Program here or, for the next level, our See Your Life Program here. If you want help, looking at where you're settling and how to get unstuck is a popular theme to explore in a reading, book yours here.

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