Friday Field Day: Bringing Spirit In to Play

We love to play here at Daring Spirits. Amusement, making things light and playful is where it is at. AND, we completely appreciate that is easier said than done as we continue to practice it in our own lives. 

We have noticed that sometimes in the body is when things can feel challenging, laborious, and down right painful. Spirit knows only light, gentle, and easy. So, how do we incorporate more play in the body? How do we lighten up the stressful times - the days, moments that feel so incredibly challenging (keeping in mind that it is so often easier said than practiced)?

Barbara: Go back to bed? 

Yes, I jest…and I’m also totally serious. The urge to hide under the covers when things get intense is there for a reason. Sometimes we do need to pull waaaaaaay back to change our point of view, and as awesome as it is, the center of our head might not feel like far enough. I’ve found that there are times when my intuition, my thinking brain, and my body all tell me the same thing: retreat. 

The key, for me at least, is using that time wisely. I might start with an episode of whatever my current Netflix obsession is (or 3 episodes, to be honest). Then it’s on to the serious business of recovering my amusement. That might mean sleeping, it might mean more meditation and prayer, it might mean a good cry, it might mean fake laughing until it feels real (that’s a legit practice, by the way, and it can be wildly healing). I do my best to listen to these highly-attuned spidey senses I've been cultivating, and take my direction from Spirit.

Then, with a refreshed mental browser, I can look at the intensity in a new light. I can have the level of awareness that shows me it’s all going to be ok (eventually). I can remind myself that I am empowered and connected to Spirit and can lighten things up, if not for everyone involved, at least for myself. 

And then a funny thing happens. Situations shift. A random person might show up with exactly what I need. Things get a little bit easier. I may even be able to laugh at the situation, and definitely — usually — at myself.

Elizabeth: Back to bed sounds pretty appealing to me too sometimes...

I look for signs and symbols, for insights, for reminders throughout the day to smile, to laugh, to lighten up. Sometimes the signs are overt (something funny happens), sometimes subtle (a wink from the Universe). Consciously being open to seeing energy lightens things up. 

Running energy is the other technique that really helps me bring in Spirit. It reminds me to balance earth and cosmos. When I consciously pay attention to running my energy and clearing energy out, things feel easier. When I go too far into the details, think too far ahead, or look for too many answers when it isn't time yet, life can feel really heavy. Getting the energy channels moving keeps things flowing. When energy is in motion, it's much harder to get stuck or bogged down in effort.

Last thing I do is ask. I love to start my day with a short active meditation and ask for a blessing (or two). It can be that easy. We don't have to remember everything and do it all ourselves. Asking for help - from others and from Spirit - is huge in keeping things playful, light, and amused. 

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