Friday Field Trip: Where Have you Meditated Lately?

When you think about where to meditate, what pops up? Quiet room? No interruptions? One designated spot on a cushion? 

We would like to kindly disagree! Meditations can be short, simple, easy, and done anywhere! 


This week, my meditation practice has included meditating in my car, in my house, in yoga class, in the grocery store line, and in the doctors office. 

I love to ground before I start driving. I do my best to pause before starting the car to take a deep breath and give myself a new grounding cord.

At the end of a yoga class and the first thing in the morning, I love to get my energy running, even if it is only for two or three minutes. It changes my day and gets me ready to go. After a yoga class it helps the poses settle in and energizes me to head out to whatever lies ahead. 

I find the grocery store is a great place to work the gold. It keeps things moving and helps me stay sane when balancing children and bagging groceries. Have you been there? 

Lastly, the doctors office. What better place to de-stress and stay centered? While waiting, connect to the center of your head and create and destroy a few roses. It makes the wait so much more enjoyable (and faster!). 


This week, I've been a bit of a homebody, so my meditations have not been anywhere exotic. Actually, my locales are remarkable similar to Elizabeth's (surprise, surprise).

I meditate all over town. I walk my dog for about an hour every day, and that's totally meditation time. I start my walk by setting my space with all my AMP tools. It's also when I listen to podcasts that get me fired up, and then I meditate after I listen to help the new info stick in my brain. Then I clear my space and reset before I walk back into my house and get on with my day.

I meditate at the grocery store. This one is a little tricky if I'm shopping with my kid(s), but when I'm flying solo you will find me meditating in every aisle. ps - I have learned that when I do this, a) a lot of my groceries end up being on sale, and 2) other shoppers smile at me and I feel happier when I leave the store. Coincidence, or a noticeable change in the energy I'm throwing? You know what I think.

I meditate on my yoga mat. At the beginning of my daily practice, I set an intention and then reconnect to it at the end of class. Each savasana is a brilliant opportunity to run energy, connect with my gold sun, and blow a whole slew of roses. I get off my mat totally energized and refreshed - I feel 10 feet tall and bullet-proof, even if the yoga wasn't "great" (meaning, like this morning, when I fell over 3 times).

I meditate to certain triggers I've set for myself - logging on to social media, a ringing phone, red lights, stop signs, turning on a lamp, getting in and out of the car, in the shower, before meetings, at bedtime, to name a few.

You see, when you practice active meditation, you really practice active meditation. It's as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth (another great trigger, btw).

Try it for yourself, here's the link: AMP (Active Meditation Practice). Give it 30 days. Once you've learned the techniques in each 5-minute meditation, you can do them on your own - they're quite simple to remember. And notice what happens.

Then come and tell us about it, either here or on Facebook. If at the end of 30 days, you decide it's not for you, at least you'll have reaped the benefits of it for a month - and that is plenty of time to AMP up the good things in life. 

photo courtesy of Pixabay