Friday Findings: I First Knew I Was Clairvoyant When...

We believe that everyone can see energy. Clairvoyance, clear seeing, the ability to see energy, starts with tapping into your unique vibration, your energy, and when you can do that from a place of neutrality everyone wins! 

Have you had a moment when you felt like you were clairvoyant? When your intuition spoke loud and proud? When you saw something so clearly you knew it to be truth?

Perhaps you are more clairvoyant than you knew...


So I should start by saying my name means truth. This fact has been both a blessing and a curse my whole life. A blessing because it has forced me to seek authenticity from myself and others. A curse because I feel it has somehow made me incapable of telling even the smallest of lies. Ya know, like hey I love that dress, nope I do not. In addition to telling the truth, I have always felt I've been more aware of the underlying truths of people and situations. The things people are not talking about. 

It's hard to say when my first clairvoyant experience was, as looking back I can see I have been reading the energy of things for as long as I can remember. So I will share with you the strongest of my childhood memories of reading energy. When I was seven years old I was really mad. Like really, really mad. We have these home videos that were challenging to watch in later years because I am tearing around like a Tazmanian Devil, yelling at my family in the process. I'm completely disrupting this picture of the perfect family. Here's what was really going on:  my parents were about six months from their divorce and things were really bad, but it was entirely behind the scenes. My parents were not big fighters, in reality my siblings and I were entirely unaware of the struggles they were facing. However, I knew. I just knew in my bones that things were wrong, that they were angry, that everything was changing. I read my mom's pain, my dad's remoteness, and as a seven year old I had no idea how to process it .

It wasn't until my early twenties that I learned how to harness these skills. Elizabeth taught me how to channel my natural abilities to read energy. The tools I learned, like the ones in our AMP, Clairvoyant 101:  Reading Past Lives, and See Your Life program, made all the difference. Now I am able to have neutrality with the energy that swirls around me, and I am much more aware of not taking on energy that doesn't belong to me. 


I didn't know I saw energy until someone directly pointed it out to me. I thought everyone walked around getting information and insights, glimpses of pictures and sound bites, seeing the unseen. You only know what you know, as they say. I only knew life with intuition.

When I found meditation, specifically active meditation, everything opened up. I went from not always being able to bring intuitions into the body to understanding the information on a conscious level. Meditation opened up a space for me to see, know, and trust the information, my information. 

It's still a bit of a shocker each time I realize that I am in fact clairvoyant because all that means to me is that I pay attention to the information I intuit. I have chosen to consciously see and receive insights. Everyone gets messages, not everyone chooses to see or notice them.

Maybe it's time we all opened up a little more to our clairvoyant, intuitive side... 





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