Friday Find: 8 Best Places to Meditate

Having and building a meditation practice is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not only does it create space for you to discover and re-discover your energy, your magnificence, and your awesomeness, it fosters creativity, inspiration, and enlightenment. Meditation is good for your body, mind, and spirit AND those bodies, minds, and spirits around you (meditation is one of those things - what is good for one is good for all...we are all connected after all). 

If you know us at DS, we tend to meditate and encourage meditation any time, any place (except when operating heavy machinery). With the start of summer, it felt right to share some "must meditate" spots in case you encounter any in your summer travels.

In no particular order:

1. The top of a roller coaster - no better time to blow a few roses then when about to enjoy a steep ride down a roller coaster. Let it all go! 

2. From your seat aboard your favorite airline - being grounded 10000 feet in the sky is pretty darn fun and relaxing. If flying is stressful for you, meditation is extremely powerful. Our AMP program techniques can help you navigate the friendly skies. 

3. Your local mini-mart when someone made a not so nice comment about your hair/body/outfit/shoes/car/food selection/etc - operating from the center of your head and having neutrality is king when out and about in the world. It offers a healing to you and those around you without any effort. Now that is a win-win! 

4. The beach - Nothing beats sitting on the beach and actively meditating, clearing and releasing to the rhythm of the waves. That's the good stuff!

5. Ski slope, black diamond trail - Work the gold baby, work the gold. When you follow your path and your instincts, skiing a black diamond can become accessible (substitute whatever your black diamond challenge is in your life). Active meditation gives you the techniques to see and know your path and when you can do those things, well, magic unfolds.

6. Your favorite chair/sofa/bed/recliner/lazy boy - wherever you find comfort and relaxation is easily the best place to meditate. When you are at ease, your active meditation can soar. (It's okay if the first few times you attempt to mediate in your comfy place you end up catching some zzz's. No harm, no foul. As you practice more, you will automatically catch less zzz's and more insights.) 

7. On your next run/walk/hike - the energy channels in the body love to move. When you run your energy, you are energetically getting things moving like you do when you are running, walking, hiking, exercising. Combining the two make the run, walk, hike even more transformation and then sets you up for an even more amazing meditation later when you find another great spot to connect to your space.

8. Right now, wherever you are reading this - any place can be a space to connect to your energy, your breath, your body, your mind, your being, your spirit, and jump in the center of your head, ground, create and destroy, fill in with your energy, run your energy, and be. I have yet to be in or find a situation that wouldn't be helped with more zen. 

Active meditation is about cultivating a practice for you to connect to your path, to see your truths, to know yourself, and to have your information. Using active meditation techniques clears the path for insights and messages to enter your awareness. Active meditation increases your consciousness and mindfulness and that's helpful anywhere. 

Next time you are in a place with a few seconds or a few minutes to spare, meditate. You may discover unexpectedly good things to unfold when you do. After all, it's all about intention and attention and where you put yours.

To get started with your own active meditation practice and finding your best places to meditate, check out our AMP program. today!