Friday Finds: The Power of the 8th

This week, we embarked on a new adventure beyond the 7 main chakras. We ventured up to the 8th chakra as we continued our year long webinar series covering a chakra a month to include the 12 major chakras.

In case you missed the webinar live, the 8th is about karma, connecting to the larger community, and seeing the bigger picture. You can get the recording by registering for the series (be sure to confirm your registration to get all the past webinars and our chakra cheat sheet). 

Moving up and out of the body to talk about the lesser discussed chakras is exciting. I got to do an 8th chakra reading this week. While it wasn't the first time I have read the 8th chakra, it was fun since we started the 8th month and were doing the 8th chakra this week. 8 in numerology represents infinity, abundance. It felt abundant, full of possibility, and powerful to read the 8th.

The 8th chakra, floating at the crown of the head, connects us to spirit. We tap in to the abundance of spirit through the 8th. When we lose our way, the 8th can help get us back on track. We can find clarity, promise, hope, and inspiration from tuning in to our energy in the 8th chakra. Not only does it remind us of our expansiveness and connectedness, it is the gateway to access newness - ideas, concepts, abilities.  

If you are looking for new, feeling disconnected to your path, wanting more, explore beyond the seven main chakras. Tap in to spirit and notice what unfolds.