Friday Flexing: What are You Leaving Behind

We played and wrote about our impact on others this week which led us to meditate on and consider what we are letting go of, leaving behind, recycling, and shifting around. We are all constantly creating and destroying (sometimes it is more fun to think about the creative stuff...) and moving and clearing energy. As we are moving about our worlds, we affect the world and those around us.

So, what are we leaving behind? Individually and collectively?


There are times when I like destroying at least as much, if not more than, creating. That's where I'm at right now. I see and embrace the power in clearing out the old to make room for the new, in metaphorically blowing things up so that there's space to start again.

Shedding the old to create space for the new is a really hot idea right now. The recent astronomical climb to fame & cult-like following of Marie Kondo, the author behind The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is just one illustration of our collective desire to declutter & simplify. 

We're looking for a clean slate, as it were. We strive to create a home space that feels like a sanctuary by cleaning it up. Our computers or phones get full, so we delete stuff. Our brains feel overwhelmed, so we take a walk to clear our head. It works for our physical stuff, it works for the mental stuff, and it works for the energetic stuff.

I'm leaving behind the urge to hold on to stuff - physical and energetic - just in case there's a chance I might possibly think about maybe wanting it again at some unspecified future date. When I need something - if I need it - I know that it will be there for me.



There are so many moments in our lives. It can be challenging to keep track of them all. We do our best with pictures, journals, keepsakes. And yet, we can't remember them all. Our minds and bodies simply are not built that way. In light of that, we constantly must leave things behind. However, that does not diminish the importance or relevance of that moment when it is happening or happened.

I have noticed this past week part of what I am leaving behind is expectations. Unconsciously, we all create expectations of our moments, our days, our weeks, our lives. When we go into something without expectations, our experiences change. We see things differently. We experience things differently.

As you go from moment to moment, go daringly without expectations and see what unfolds. See what you leave behind that you didn't even realize you were holding onto in going consciously without expectations...