Friday Fluctuations: Highs and Lows

We have been talking colors, meditation techniques, and energy this week. Everything has a vibration. When we tap in to our own unique vibration, life tends to move smoothly. Have you noticed?

It's great when things are rolling along. And not so great when things aren't. That's where active meditation comes in handy. This week, we thought we would reveal the technique we use to stay in our truth and certainty even when we keep missing the wave.

Elizabeth: Oh, the rollercoaster. The ups and downs. Life is full of them. Just when you think you have mastered something, can coast, another growth period, learning curve, or wrench gets thrown in the works. When this happens, I usually go back to the basics. Grounding. 

It seems right now grounding is lit up in a big way. The country (USA) overall has been a bit ungrounded which has led to uncertainty and crazy energy floating around. When things around you are ungrounded, sometimes it can be challenging to remain grounded. And yet, it is when grounding is even more paramount. 

We are in a big shift where we must pay attention, be conscious. Grounding aids in being present to handle the energy of what is coming at you. If you haven't grounded in a while, take a moment to give yourself a new grounding cord right now. Let it be anything - any image that comes to mind - and let the grounding be a connection from you to the center of the earth as well as a channel to let go of anything you might be ready release. It is that simple and that powerful. 

Barbara: I actually just returned from a vacation that involved roller coasters! Our family vacations almost always involve travel to visit family (they're spread out all over the country), and the last few trips we took were due to loved ones' unexpected deaths - not exactly R & R. We decided we needed a true vaca, and the Universe had provided some travel assistance (thank you, Universe!) so my husband and I packed up the 3 kids & went to Orlando for a few days of thrill rides and vitamin D.

Now, that sounds like a great time, and it certainly was. It also involved a great deal of disruption to our routine. Strange beds, unusual food, tons of sensory stimulation, and the thrills of being on a real vacation resulted in each of us losing our space at least once. 

I relied heavily upon my active meditation tools and daily yoga practice to keep me centered and present in the moment. The technique that seemed to be at the top of the rotation was pulling back into the center of my head. From there, I could easily make game-time decisions about where to go and what to do, and let go of the ridiculous pressure to "make every moment special." Free from judgement and aligned with my inner guidance system, I could more readily appreciate every moment as already as special as it needed to be.

It had a profound effect on my entire family. It is true (for us, at least) that if mama ain't happy, then nobody's happy - and if mama is peaceful, it's easier for the rest of the fam to find peace. 

Try it: let your point of view be in the center of your head for a moment. When you do, you may notice that you feel more balanced, more centered - you might not have ever noticed that you go through life with your viewfinder pressed up against the front of your skull. Pulling back gives you space to respond thoughtfully rather than react impulsively. I often joke that it's like having a second to put your glove up before the baseball hits you in the face - you have a little time. A little space. Room to let things unfold a bit. A beat to choose how you want to proceed.

And that can make a tremendous difference in how you move through the world and impact those around you.