Friday Fluke: Wait, It's Not a Fluke!

Is it lucky to feel physical pain after therapeutic touch?* Sometimes, healing takes on physical attributes to remind us that however connected to Spirit we are, we're still here in bodies that need/deserve care and attention - and when we give our bodies the care they deserve, we can experience some rather unlucky side effects. Or are they?

Elizabeth: I had an amazing craniosacral treatement the other week. The next day I woke up with a stiff neck and a sore elbow that validated what an amazing session it had been. When I spoke with the practitioner that had given me the treatment and reported my experience, she laughed and commented "only you would see and say it that way." 

Is there any other way to see it? Would someone else not see the body clearing via a stiff neck and sore elbow as just that, clearing? And appreciate it as such? 

The truth, yes. 

How you see and view things makes all the difference. One can see one day as the best day and another can see the same day as the worst day. One could view a stiff neck post therapeutic session as a failure of the session, another a sign of healing. When you choose to be aware and choose to see, you start to notice patterns, routines, and how non-flukey things really are. Like attracts like. Luck attracts luck. Love attracts love. And so on. 

Barbara: True story: It's nearly 10 PM on Thursday night, and I'm just sitting down to write this post for Friday morning. I'm wicked sore from a massage I received this morning. My lower back feels like I carried 100 pounds of potatoes in a fanny pack on a 5-mile-run. Imagine my giggles when I opened this post and read what Elizabeth wrote!

It's such a good pain, because it tells me that my muscles have released old, painful pictures. Trauma, grief, stress, anger - those frequencies impact you at a cellular level, and you can either deal with them when they arise or carry them around with you until a more convenient time (I'm reminded of the classic New Yorker cartoon with the guy on the phone saying, "How about never? Is never good for you?" Isn't that how we often handle painful feelings?) we are, two daring spirits with aches and pains that we're celebrating as physical indicators that we're clearing energy and healing not just our bodies but our minds and spirits as well. Appreciating how lucky we are to get regular bodywork sessions with such talented therapists. Appreciating how lucky we are to be aware of the connectedness of our bodies and our spirits. Appreciating how lucky we are because we can see that we're healing from whatever experiences were imprinted on the cells that are deep within the muscles that are aching as they release that tension and adjust to being relaxed again.

Some might call that luck. We might call it being present, connected, aware, mindful. Either way, it feels pretty damn good! 

As always, we must remind you that we are neither doctors nor hospital-drama actors, Nothing here is intended as advice, medical or otherwise. If your body hurts, make good choices and consult your preferred body-care specialist as necessary.