Friday Focus: Beyond the Bounds

We have talked about boundaries this week with the intention of creating a space for you to take a closer look at your boundaries. Today, we focus on what's beyond the boundaries.

We can all get stuck in the illusion of boundaries...when we can step out of the illusion, what unfolds?

We are all healers. You may not have a traditional job where you are thought of as a healer (a doctor or nurse), and yet you are a healer. You offer a healing to the world by being you. When we step into our power and our true self, owning who we are, it is a healing to ourselves and all around us. Everyone receives a healing when we honor our unique gifts, talents, and path. 

When we get beyond the boundaries, the illusions that confine us, when we get out of our own way, magic unfolds. It's where truth and authenticity lie. It's the home of spirit. Where we are all connected, we are all part of the collective, and we are all in it together.

Connect. Let Spirit. Receive and trust. Go beyond the bounds.

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment