Friday Focus: Expand, Expand, Shrink a Little, Shrink a Little...

This rather intense week, we focused on expansion. The election events of the week asked us all to step up our game to be present and embrace all that unfolded and has yet to unfold.

In light of that, we thought we would highlight the techniques we have called upon to ride the roller coaster.


Intense feels like an understatement when referring to this week. Never in my lifetime has a political campaign brought forth so much emotion for me. Here is something I noticed: fear makes my body contract. I feel a tightness in my chest, my stomach in knots, my shoulders pulled up and my jaw clenched. I contract in response to the potential impending blow. It doesn't feel very good, and it's not sustainable.

You know what the opposite of fear is, love. 

Love feels like a blossoming flower. It blooms in my heart and expands energy throughout my whole body. I feel relaxed, warm, gentle. Love feels good. I know a lot of people are contracting in fear right now, with what feels like very valid reasons. Here's the thing though, fear doesn't allow for expansion, fear contracts, it's shrinks us smaller than we were before. Like the growing pains of childhood, we are being asked to grow, to expand. To choose love over and over again. To be kind to strangers, to go the extra mile for the people in our lives. To show everyone around that they are loved exactly the way they are.

I have used every tool in my toolbox this week, every AMP technique, and found so much solace in the peace inside me. And I have decided to choose love today and every single day that follows.

Won't you join me? 


My faithful companions this week:  grounding and running energy.

Grounding is a technique of connecting to the center of the earth. It creates a place to release "stuff" and it bring us in to our bodies. Running energy works with earth and cosmic energies in the energy channels in the body to keep the body moving and avoid getting stuck.

This past week, I have needed to refresh my grounding a few times a day to stay present. I have used the technique of running energy more consciously and more often to avoid taking on some of the feelings floating around. We all ground and run energy to a certain extent every day. When we work in the garden or go for a run/walk, we get our energy running and connect to the earth which usually results in feeling energized and clearer.

There are lots of ways to move through life. Working with grounding, running energy, and, just like Alicia, love, have helped me this week.  

What tools have you been working with to navigate the expansion happening all around? We would love to hear about them!

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment