Friday Focus: Multitasking and Meditation

We live in a go, go, go world where busy is the in thing. There is a pull to multitask to get it all done and yet, often, multitasking doesn't cut it. Then there is all this talk about meditation and how it can help you focus, experience calm, and find your zen. With all the pushing and pulling of our attention, what do we do? 

Elizabeth: I would love to say multitasking works great for me. Yet, that is not truth. I am not great at focusing on two things at once and doing both things really, really well, as much as I would like to think that I am. 

That being said, meditation makes so many things possible for me. With meditation, the busy doesn't seem to get too busy. The things "to do" flow more easily. I have more energy for the tasks at hand and am much quicker at realizing when things feel overwhelming or too much. While multitasking isn't a skill set I am looking to get great at, with meditation as my go to daily practice (even if only 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes a night some days), when I do have to juggle and balance multiple things, I can manage in the moment and recover quickly. 

Barbara: Martin Luther is credited with saying something to the effect of, I have so much to do today, I'm going to have to spend 3 hours in prayer - the idea being, if we are aligned with the creative force of the Universe (whether you call it God or know it as something else), we can create better/work faster/do more than if we are not.

I, too, have found that connecting with Spirit at the beginning of the day seems to make the day go more smoothly. Daily meditation and prayer raise my vibration, and that has an effect on how I do the necessary adulting that particular day. Whether I am more efficient at getting things done or there are simply fewer things that rise to the level of my attention, I can't exactly say. Oftentimes I've noticed that when I'm in the flow, problems tend to solve themselves. When I'm in headless-chicken mode, I feel like it's all on me to fix or solve every little thing. Is it because I approach things more calmly (sure, to some degree, of course it is) or is it because in the flow there is no such thing as effort?

Does it really matter how it works? It just does - I reap the benefits of regularly connecting with Spirit, one of which is that when I am in alignment with my highest spiritual nature, my lower-level animal is more creative and productive.

In other words, the amount of time I spend in meditation is inversely proportional to the amount of effort & time I will expend to clear the day's to-do list. 

How about you? How do you balance the two? Drop a comment to join the conversation!

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