Friday Focus: This Week I was Present for...

Being present is a full time job. Showing up day in and day out for lives takes work, consciousness, mindfulness, and sometimes effort. No wonder we all need time each day to check out fully (sleep). 

Life is a balance of checking out and checking in. 

This week, coincidentally (or not?), at church, the children's Sunday school lesson was about being present. One of the assignments was to pause at the end of the day to share where they noticed being fully present for something and how it changed the experience. Perfect timing! And Friday blog topic:  Where have we been fully present and engaged this week and what did you notice? 


This week, after time outside in the (unexpected) snowfall, I got to watch my children sitting, completely mesmerized by something they were watching on TV. It was magical to see them each totally engrossed, post physical workout in the snow, tired, and enjoying the zoned out space before dinner. 

It felt like time froze for a few minutes as I took in their expressions, their eyes, their beauty. They sat, all lined up, a cohesive unit, focused and connected. 

It wasn't a particularly special moment. It didn't mark anything spectacular. It was simply a moment, like any other, except to me, it's frozen in time and space, mentally archived for me to return to any time, any place. I get to remember the space that opened up and treasure that moment forever. Sometimes it's being present for the little moments that have big impact.


I'll admit, I've been hyper-aware of walking the line between being present and not lately.

I'm recovering from major surgery. On the one hand, I've been über-present as I've been focusing on my physical body far more than I usually do (and under the best of circumstances I am finely attuned to my body, so this has been intense). 

On the other hand, as I've been taking a lot of rest time it's naturally led to more meditating and mediumship activity (and bonus kid snuggle time, which is good for all of us). It's actually more fun than binge-watching Netflix! That takes me out of my body and into a different space - a space where scale, time, and space don't matter. It changes how I engage with the present moment, because I come back to it with more information. I come back to the present with a deep and profound sense of balance and stability. When I can do so consistently, I can see a change in the energy of our family - even the dog seems to chill out. It creates a calm vibe that others can match comfortably. I'm frequently reminded the trick is to do it consistently!


I danced. And I danced. And I danced some more. 

I went to a wedding this past Saturday and was privileged with having an awesome dance partner. At one point he was spinning me around on the dance floor and I started to get a little nervous that I might fall. Sensing my concern he said, just look at me. So I shifted my focus to him and found that as the hall spun by me, I was completely balanced. I kept my sights on what was right in front of me and was rewarded with joy. And isn't that the essence of being present. 

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