Friday Focus: What's the Picture?

We talk and work in pictures. As clairvoyants and mediums, we see pictures from our minds' eye. Looking out from the center of our head, we create a space to see with neutrality. We "see' the energy around us, around people, around animals, around situations, as pictures, much like when most people hear the word elephant they see a picture of an elephant. That's seeing energy 

We have practiced and practiced this skill so that we can call it in to focus any time, any place. Although we usually don't walk around "reading" people all day long (we have our own "stuff" to work on and do), we do use this ability to help navigate our days. We use our AMP (active meditation practice) techniques to stay present and move consciously through our day. We use clairvoyance to see the energy around us in order to avoid taking on feelings or moods that don't serve us or match what we need. 

We also utilize pictures with the old trick of intention. We spend time each day/week, setting intentions with pictures. Did you know you can do that too? You place pictures, feelings, energy in the space around your body and use it as a magnet to attract more of it...


When I discovered this little party trick, I knew I was going to have fun with it; whoo, boy, was I right! It's one thing to consciously choose not to match to someone else's energy, and it's another thing to intentionally put out a picture with the intention that it will shift the energy in a room or in an interaction. 

I'll cop to using this with my kids a lot. Most parents that I know do, even if it's not a conscious choice. Kids are master energy readers, and can match to a picture faster than you can say "no more TV." Whatever energy I'm projecting is reflected back by the 3 mini-me's that hang out with me, so it behooves me to choose it mindfully.

Another thing we'll play around with is the image of a salt shaker, sprinkling in amusement or giggles or seriousness, whatever the situation calls for. It sounds silly, doesn't it? Visualizing a shaker full of laughter, sprinkling it into the imaginary picture of a future event might seem like a waste of time...and yet, it has an impact on how that event unfolds. If I've juiced up the scene in advance, I go into it looking for that amusement - and that changes how I experience the event, and I truly believe it affects how other people experience it, too.

Try it next time you're heading into a meeting or a group event or hanging out in the TV room after dinner with your family. Put out an energy picture of the mood you want to see in the room. See yourself actively influencing the emotional temperature. The results just might amuse and surprise you.


Most of us have heard the phrase, the power of intention. Some of you may already put this concept in action, others may be new to this notion. I decided to conduct a social experiment tonight while going to a Halloween party at my son’s school. I decided before we went I was going to set my intention on amusement and ease. It may sound silly because after all, I was going to a party, isn’t that the whole point? Well, going out in public with my already exhausted kids, in a rainstorm, so close to bedtime, did not point towards an amusing and easy time.

About an hour before we left I started setting the intention, hard. It felt like my daughter was doing everything in her power to blow up this picture, including stomping around saying she’s never been so bored in her whole life. She’s five. I will repeat, my five year old was throwing the “I’m so bored I could die” card at me. I persevered with my intention setting and here’s what happened…..

There was nowhere close by to park, it was down pouring and we came in the wrong entrance. We wander around for a while looking for the party and miraculously there was no whining. We found the party and had an absolutely awesome time. Kids were well-behaved, gracious to the grand-friends handing out candy (his school is also a nursing home, which is one of my favorite things about it!), and when I said it was time to go they said ok and we went on our way. I will call this social experiment a total win. 

This party trick,  Barbara called it, is not limited to kids. Shift your work place environment, your retail experience, your exercise class, seriously any time you are interacting with others. Put out a the picture you want others to match. The clearer you get on your own energy space, the easier it is to play with this concept. 


Play is key. When working with pictures:  matching pictures, new pictures, creating pictures, getting rid of old pictures, playfulness and amusement go a long, long way. Working with intention, using the salt shaker visual, setting pictures in your space to set the tone, all get a whole lot easier when tapping into playfulness. We all know how to do this and we all forget sometimes (especially as we get older and take on more responsibilities in life). And yet playfulness makes life possible. Whatever feelings, emotions, moods, or energies you find yourself intending, remember to play along the way. 

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Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment