Friday Follow Up: Full Moons and Peaceful Nights?

This week started with a rare Supermoon -- the moon coming closer to the earth on its orbit than it has in 68 years, making it appear bigger than it usually does. Full Moons are often associated with stirring energy up as well as creating a space for closure and releasing things that are complete. Endings can bring peace which has spurred us to ask:  what are we (individually and/or collectively) moving past? 


The energy of this super moon was no joke. I started feeling its pull last week. The process was something like opening drawers I hadn’t thought to look in quite some time. Each day I found myself pulling out articles of emotion and trying them on for size. Sometimes I feel that full moon energy can burst through the door, stir up some emotions and take off. However, this moon felt more peaceful to me, more meticulous. The things that came up in the last week were things I really needed to look at for closure. There were moments that were not easy and yet still so valuable.  

Wrapping up this week I feel more solid in my body and de-cluttered in my mind. Some significant next steps have been taken in regards to my relationships past and present. I am feeling less pulled by my past because of the closure I’ve achieved. Now I am more ready to step into my future, without that baggage. Peace, yes. I feel at peace. There is still work to do, but the work has a forward momentum. 


Over the last few weeks, I have found myself asking multiple times:  aren't we ready to move past this?

When I hear talk about discrimination and human rights being up for discussion, I cringe and I lose my neutrality. After all, we are in 2016. We can put people on the Moon, we can communicate in a matter of seconds with friends and family across the country, and we can streamline video at 30,000 feet, yet, we can't find peace and acceptance with each other? Aren't we done with that already? Have we learned nothing?

Yes, most of us are done with that and have learned someting. And, I dare say, most of us are sharing peace. The majority of us are open, see more than what meets the eye. Are there enough to make peace the dominant energy?

Yes, if we all continue to do our part. We all must practice awareness, mindfulness, and consciousness. We all need to show up and be present, to work from peace, acceptance, and love. If we can all willingly unite with those things present in our bodies, minds, and spirits, we have a chance to move on to the big is Gronkowski going to be able to play in Sunday's game or not? 

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment