Friday Foundations: One Step at a Time

Of course this week we found ourselves following along with the theme and talking stability. We don't script this, folks, we look at the energy and follow it when we choose our themes. Then we all (yes all of us that make up the DS team) marvel at how the theme pops up in our lives.

Now, some might say "well what you think about your bring about." And yes, that is true, and then it pops up in random, unexpected places. So, explain that, skeptic in the corner?

I digress. We talked stability in terms of personal growth and professional growth. We are all reaching and growing, changing in different ways, and yet, it all comes back to stability, the foundation.

Elizabeth: We started this year with our Chakra series, one chakra a month all year long all the way to 12. We kicked things off with the first chakra in January because the first is what everything is built upon. It provides the foundation, the root, the grounding, the stability. Without a strong base, you can't build a house that survives the test of time. Without a strong foundation in reading/writing/math, the likelihood the person will go on to achieve doctorates and advanced degrees diminishes. Why? Because it in the roots. It's in the tendencies, the programming.

So, what? Right? Who cares?

We care!

We are being called to grow and change and without a strong base, it's challenging to grow as big and strong as one may want (when I say, we, I mean both we as in Daring Spirits and we as in you!).

The collective is being called to move forward. Twice this week someone used the phrase "moving forward with life." I kid you not. Those exact words. I don't think I have heard one person reference their days like that in a long time, if ever. And now twice. 

We are being called to keep moving forward with one important difference - to move forward CONSCIOUSLY. What does that mean? To move forward armed with compassion, openness, vigilance, willingness, awareness, mindfulness, clarity, courage, tenacity, and love. The time is now to keep moving forward, to keep choosing, one step at a time, to go in the direction of your dreams, to speak up, to listen, and to honor, yourself and each other. 

We are building a foundation for the next and the next. Let's make it sturdy and as stable as we can. 

Barbara: I love noticing how the things we teach here pop us as lessons I need to learn. It's something every spiritual teacher* experiences - the Universe directs our attention in a certain direction when it's time for those lessons, when we can hear and have them and are willing to learn them.  

So, stability...I am a Virgo. We are nothing if not stable. Reliable. Steady. We like order and loyalty and routines. And yet...

As my spiritual practices become more deeply embedded and change how I view the world, I am noticing that I have a higher tolerance for outward instability because my inner stability is no longer determined by my circumstances. I don't rely on what's happening around me for my sense of balance.

It's a really handy thing these days, when so much feels topsy-turvy and many of our societal and political norms are being challenged at once. We are being called to step up, grow up, speak up, and shake up a lot of tired old ideas and ways of being. Have you felt it (yet)?

When things feel turbulent, what do you do to find stability? Do you practice those things when times are calm, so that they're reflexive? That's why we call them spiritual practices - because in practicing them when all is "good," we can trust them when times are "tough." We practice creating internal peace so that we can rely on it when what's happening around us is not peaceful.

And as we practice, miraculous things happen - like a stability-loving Virgo learning to tolerate instability. Trust me on this: if I can do it, so can you.

*By the way, in case you haven't stepped into owning the title yet, you're a spiritual teacher, too. We all are. Isn't that cool?