Friday Fun: 99 Posts

I'm laughing as I start this post, because in my head I was gearing up for a big 100th post celebration, and then I did the math...not spirit math, just plain old add 'em up math, and realized this was "only" post #99.

Ninety-nine times, we've created something and shared it with you. It's been exciting to do, and (we hope) fun for you, too. We've no intention of stopping any time soon; in fact, we are just getting started! 

Numbers are fun to look at and to play with. We apply them to time & money; we use them to assign value, we use them to measure and keep track of things. They carry their own vibrations and symbolism, and there are people who devote entire careers to studying their meaning and relationships in math, science, theology, mythology, numerology, and many other fields. 

And who can forget the classic songs, "99 Bottles of..." and "99 Luftballons? Or, for the younger crowd, "99 Problems"?

In numerology, it's common to reduce numbers to single digits by adding the digits together and continuing to reduce them until they reach one digit. So, in that tradition, 99 becomes a nine like this: 9 + 9 = 18...1 + 8 = 9. 

So, in honor of our 99th, let's look at some interesting things about the number 9 and how it's been showing up in our spaces!


One thing that lit up the number 9 for me this week was celebrating my middle child's 9th birthday. I spent the day reflecting on how his personality has really started to crystalize in recent months, how he's taking more ownership of his physical and spiritual space.

The number 9 can symbolize completion, unity, awakening, and the end of a particular path or part of the journey. That makes sense - think about how excited kids get when they near double digits, how much reflection occurs at the ends of our decades right before we turn the corner into a new one.

I know for me, my "9s" contained some major life changes, tying up of loose ends, and clearing out things that I didn't need any more in preparation for the next step. Sound familiar?

Looking at Daring Spirits through that lens, I welcome the next new thing that is ready to begin!


Now I'm laughing as I remember Barbara telling me multiple times I would not be allowed to teach her children math as I would frequently total up receipts ($24.01 -- 2 + 4 + 0 + 1 = 7!), add up the numbers of addresses (46 = 4 + 6 = 10 = 1), and, in general, reduce numbers down to one digit and look at the symbol/sign at any and every opportunity. 

I love numbers. Always have.

The 9th chakra is also a fun one to look at and, through no accident, is associated with connecting to your higher purpose. Looking at the 9th opens up the opportunity to see patterns that may potentially shape your life path. Further evidence of how spectacular 9 is! 

Cheers to the next exciting thing and the next 99 posts!