Friday Fun: Slap a Label On It

As we prepare for our first live event, we've been reading the energy of it all. When I say "it all," I really mean all of it. We've looked at us as individuals and what we're clearing to actually get there. We've looked at the energy of the venue, the flow of the evening, the musician that's sharing the stage with us. We've looked at the energy of Daring Spirits and how it's evolving. We're working on a new home page, as well as a few other things, and watching the energy of all that as it unfolds. 

We ended up on the topic of labels, and how sometimes there's friction between how people perceive us and what we think we're putting out there. That's a whole 'nother post, coming soon to a blog near you.

Honestly, we've been playing hard over here (and loving every minute of it), and wanted a respite from blogging last night. So this week's Friday Fun post is on you.


What's your label? What do people see when they see you, and does it line up with what you think you're putting out there?


One way to get to your labels is to list 5 things that make you you, or 5 things you're awesome at. Trust us, it can be eye-opening.


Dare to share - when we get a few brave spirits to post their lists below, we'll share ours!