Friday Fun: Making A List & Checking it Twice

The holiday season is upon us. A time of revelry and reflection, the final months of the year bring with them the potential to be unsettling for some. The highs can feel higher & the lows lower, because we're surrounded by reminders to be giving, grateful, cheerful, and joyful, even as the daylight gets weaker and we naturally turn more contemplative.

That push/pull, the dichotomy between what we see on the outside and what we may be feeling on the inside, is a normal feeling. Saying hello to it, allowing it to simply be, is usually enough to diffuse the discomfort and give us the space to begin healing. 

Sometimes, though, we like physical reminders to be present & attend to our own needs in the midst of the busy-ness of the season. We thought it would be fun to compile a list of self-care practices, both meditative and not, as a go-to for support in through the coming weeks. You can't fill anyone else's eggnog cup if your pitcher is empty!


In no particular order, my list:

  • physical care - good sleep, nutritious food, regular exercise and sunshine - to keep my body healthy 
  • practice living from abundance, not getting caught up in scarcity pictures 
  • jot down messages from the Universe - pay close attention to manifestations of hope, peace, joy, and love - to remind myself that whatever the news of the day, some lights are inextinguishable
  • practice neutrality
  • take my essential oil use up a notch - especially diffusing at home for aromatherapy 
  • give myself permission to honor all my feelings without judgement this season, whether that means putting on my jingle bells or crying in my cocoa
  • laugh, loudly and often
  • sing a wide variety of Christmas songs , loudly and often
  • spend time playing in the kitchen, creating both savories and sweets


In a very particular order, my list:

  • a nap
  • a funny holiday movie (such as Elf)
  • baking with family or friends
  • making cards with family or friends
  • laughing
  • a pedicure (and manicure)
  • yoga
  • a grounding meditation (sometimes a couple times a day and sometimes for only 30 seconds to a minute as time permits -- a simple check in, re-load/download)
  • hugs
  • taking a drive to look at the lights
  • having birthday cake (not to take away from JC's big my house a couple other people celebrate around this time of year -- it's fun to have birthday joy in the midst of all the hustle, bustle, lights, and festivities)

What's on your list?