#tbt: Don't Muck Up the Mock Up!

This post originally appeared on January 22, 2016.

Is it even possible to muck up the mock up? Good question! 

To quickly review:  a mock up is simply you putting a picture out to the Universe of something you want to manifest, bring into your space, or have. A key step is releasing the picture to the Universe to come back to you when the time is "right." (Noting that body time and spirit time don't always match...)


Q: What do watching a pot of water on the stove and staring directly into the sun have in common?

A: Both are ways that folks (myself included) routinely muck up the mock up. 

Let me clarify...

First, the water. Let's say that the mock up is for the pot of water to boil. It's full, it's on the stove, and the flame is nice and high. Eventually, the water will boil. We know it will, it always has before. So why do we stand there watching it and getting impatient??? Everyone knows that a watched pot never boils, right?

Not exactly...but we do know that time seems to stretch when we're waiting for something desirable, especially if it's all we think about. We obsess. We check on it every 2.7 seconds, and get increasingly impatient when it's not here (see also: "Are we there yet?"). We are consumed with the waiting. We sometimes start thinking about all the things that could go wrong in the seemingly infinite span of time between us and that which we are awaiting. When we do that, we don't enjoy the wait, we take ourselves out of the moment and get caught up in the future.

Of course, that won't actually stop the water from boiling, but it will keep us from making the most of the time between putting the pot on the stove (creating the mock up) and having boiling water (receiving the mock up). And that's a bit of a muck up to me, because it robs us of some of our precious Earthwalking time. Time that we could have spent chopping vegetables, or meditating, or creating another mock up. Not to mention that the feeling of impatience is no picnic!

And staring directly into the sun? That alludes to getting all up in the Universe's business, trying to see the inner mechanics of its delivery method.

We want to know when/how the mock up will come in, so we stare directly at it (or, we stare directly into the direction from which we think it will come) while it comes in, rather than simply trusting that it will get here and receiving it. The trouble is, eyeballs and the sun don't mix - it's painful, and we get temporarily blinded.

Likewise, mock ups and getting all up in the Universe's business don't mix. Our role, once we've created a mock up and released it to the Universe, is to receive. To simply be prepared, with open hands and hearts, to receive the delivery of the energy of our mock up. Notice I didn't say, "delivery of our mock up." 

The Universe knows what we need, what we want, and is poised to give it to us when we are ready. That's all a mock up really is - an indicator to the Universe that we are ready.

To summarize: create the mock up, and let it go. Prepare to receive the energy of it when the time is right. No intervention required.


I love playing with mock ups. I have written before in this blog about vision boards -- I love that practice and continue to find that such a validating way to see mock ups and create space for them.

That's the key for me:  creating space for the things I want to manifest to appear. I like to refer to myself as a "yesterday" girl -- so waiting can sometimes feel very challenging. 

And yet, every time I sit back and allow the Universe to work for me, to take it's time, I have learned so much. 

My husband and I were looking at houses a few years ago to take our next step. We had a growing family and needed more room. We found a house we loved, put in an offer, and were turned down. Disappointment. That's okay. Get back on the horse. Keep looking. Find another house. Love it. Can't wait to move in - can picture it all. Put in an offer. Declined again. Ack! Let's do that one more time for good measure....  Finally, fourth time is a charm? Or rather, we found the exact right house. And the events that have unfolded since have led us to more than once say "none of this would have worked in the other houses." 

Mock ups. Create them. See them. Let them go. Then be present to receive. And allow them to not always look exactly as you had envisioned. The Universe is smart like that, way smarter than me at least.