Friday Fun: I got struck by inspiration!

We all have places that help us connect to creativity and get inspired. For some, there are regular places that help us unwind or de-stress in order to tap into that desired space of inspiration. For others, inspiration strikes at more irregular and unexpected places.

We thought we would share how we tap into inspiration this week. We would love to hear about where you find it. Leave a comment, please. 


Inspiration often strikes when I am alone in my car. That's when I play a game wherein I pretend I am being interviewed about...well, anything, really. In my mind, I've been interviewed by Oprah and Terry Gross, among others. There's witty banter aplenty, and the questions that come up to be answered have helped me organize my thoughts and start to articulate them in a way that's clean and clear. 

I'm also inspired by deep conversation with others; brainstorming is one of my favorite things. When I'm in a safe space with people who speak their minds fearlessly and can hear what is being said with neutrality, sparks fly. It's exciting to untangle a knot of ideas and to have my perceptions challenged in a way that feels productive and not judgmental, and I always learn so much from the friends who are willing to spar with me. The keys are respect and neutrality, as well as a willingness to have one's mind changed. If you've got those, bring it and let's play!


Inspiration strikes me when I am lazy. When I can truly let go for a while. It doesn't happen often, as a mother and a teacher of many trades. ;0) I decided I have to schedule my downtime. I start with meditation now. I go for a walk... well I wish I would go for a walk every day. Work in progress... I get inspired in the warm shower. The only place where I can be just nothing, not listening, guiding, helping or rushing. Just the warm water and I. And yes, it strikes when I am lazy, but I already mentioned that. A day on the chaise lounge, covered in fuzzy throws... I create worlds on that chaise lounge;0)

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