Friday Fun: Million Dollar View

Have you ever noticed that change is challenging? Not only does it take conviction and courage, it takes consciousness. If you really want to change something for the long haul, it requires practice, mindfulness, and stick-to-it-ness. Because the thing is, we are creatures of comforts, of habits, of rhythms. We fall into patterns and sometimes forget to change it up - to look from a different vantage point.

When we can step out of a comfort, switch a habit, disrupt a rhythm, or break a pattern, often instantaneously we can feel, see, or sense a difference. And what follows is often amazing. That shift in perspective, even if for a moment, gives us new information, adds insights to our day, and creates opportunity for change. 

It's the 100 foot versus the 10,000 foot view. It's the $100 question versus the $1,000,000 question. It's playing small versus playing big. Changing your perspective can change everything.

So, how you do you change that perspective? Easy, pull back to the center of your head, that's how! What? Center of head (or COH as we call it)? Tell me more!


We have been playing with perspective this week - how we see ourselves (or this one) and others. Throughout the play, we have reminded ourselves of how fleeting so much of this is and yet in the moment how intense and even overwhelming it can all feel.

In those moments, how do we balance and process the intensity with the calm (that will at some point come because no matter what, nothing lasts forever)? How do we trust that "everything does really work out?" How do we find the peace in the midst of challenge or even chaos?

We talk a lot about tools at Daring Spirits. So, of course, we would like to offer a tool for handling the extremes, finding the balance, regaining perspective, and settling back into your space:  COH - center of head. Such a simple idea and yet, life changing.

Center of head offers the opportunity to pull back, to see the bigger picture, to move from the front row of the theater to the middle or back of the theater, to go from panic mode to relaxed mode. The kicker? It's unbelievably easy. So easy, everyone can do it.

I'll let Barbara take it from here...


I love the center of my head. No, really - it's so freakin' cool there. From the center of my head, hard things look just bearable enough and fun things look even brighter. You see, in the center of your head there is no good or bad, no right or wrong, no blue or red. There is just a clear view of the energy of a thing. The emotional charge that we pile onto the stuff of our lives doesn't stick in the center of your head. The clarity that comes from discharging the judgement makes next steps apparent and eases the pressure we create for ourselves.

So, how does one access this magical place? Try this: imagine your attention as a ball of golden light about the size of a golf ball, hovering out in front of your eyes. See it rest on the bridge of your nose, right between your brows. Now, gently and effortlessly pull that golden ball of light back into your head until it reaches the center - go ahead and let it rest there, in between your ears, halfway from your eyes to the back of your head. Are you there? Take a moment and get familiar with that sensation.

Notice that the view from here is a little above the vantage point you're used to. There's some distance between you and the rest of the world. It's subtle, and yet it's wicked powerful. From this spot in the center of your head, look out in front of you and notice that there's a movie screen - and on that screen there's a picture of a change you're making. Can you watch it play out without getting caught up in it? Can you see more of the picture from the center of your head than you could before?

How's that for a million dollar view?

ps - (I started this post with this: something something something...this post is about the amazing thing that happens when you change your perspective, change the position from which you are viewing something - get that million dollar view from the center of your head...something something something...

I need to offer a public "thank you" to Elizabeth for making it coherent - another one of the infinite reasons why working all this stuff with a friend is better than going it alone!)

pps - for more on COH and other meditation tools, check out the AMP (Active Meditation Practice) package that we've created for you, there's time to join before the first group coaching call and we'd love to see you in our closed Facebook group and work with you (it's going to be wicked fun)!