Friday Fun: Reading the Energy of The Presidential Inauguration

There's no reason to shy away from it, the changing of the guard in the US Presidency affects us all in some way. Look with us from neutrality, without judgement. 

What is the energy of the incoming administration?

Alicia: First thing that comes up is confusion. All parties are feeling a sense of confusion. Unfamiliar ground with shaky footing. The image I see is of a large mountain, two groups are climbing, trying to get to the top first. However, neither party has a clear path or view of the top. There is a lot of navigating, arguing among themselves about which way to go and what the best next step is. Goal of reaching the top is undermined by goal of beating out the other party. This creates added confusion, what is the point, where is this actually going? 

Next steps involve finding common ground. This does not mean condoning behaviors that are contrary to your own belief systems, but finding a way to constructively disagree. I see the mountain climbers parties organizing, stream lining. Clarifying direction and taking purposeful steps. Refocusing attention off one another and rather on a larger more constructive goal. 

There is a lot of work ahead. This is not a time to rest but a time to act with focused attention. 

Barbara: The picture that comes up for me is a large rushing river - that's the history of the United States. The river has lots of twists and turns, forks, waterfalls, rocky areas and smooth stretches; it's deep and powerful and is a dominant fixture in the landscape.

The people of the US are floating along that river in various ways; some are in inner tubes, others are in big riverboats, there are rafts and skiffs and every kind of boat imaginable, with varying levels of outfitting. There are people walking along the bank of the river - that's the rest of the world. They rely on the river for many things -- water for their crops and for defense against people on the other side of the river, for example.

Ahead of the people in their boats, there is a very large boat that represents the government. It has the necessary tools on board to change the flow of the river. It can make it wider, it can make it deeper, it can churn the water. It also has life preservers, ropes, first aid, and other survival and rescue gear. The unique thing about this boat is that it draws its power in part from the river itself and in part from the people behind it. 

They are at a fork in the river. There are things about each way that look appealing, and there is reason to believe that there is potential danger in each direction as well. Instead of navigating the boat according to maps, charts, GPS, or other system, the crew of the boat is arguing among themselves. They are not paying attention to the people behind them, nor do they exhibit a sense of urgency about choosing a path. The imminent danger is running the boat aground on the land between the two riverways. A good many of the people can see that and are trying to draw attention to it.

The next step is to get clear about where they are going. Without a clear commitment the boat runs aground. The people are capable of choosing their own direction; some welcome the opportunity, others are afraid, still others are unaware that there is a choice to be made. 

Barbara Holbrook1 Comment