Friday Fun: The Energy of Appreciation

This week, we have looked at appreciation. What does appreciation look like in your life? In our language, what is the energy of appreciation?


In case you haven't noticed, I'm a words girl. The nuances of language and expression fascinate me. Appreciate can mean a feeling of being grateful, an awareness of worth, or a rise in value.

When I look at the energy of appreciation in my life, it's clear to me that it's all of those things at once. When I consciously shift into appreciation, I'm not only grateful for what is, I am aware that the the value of what I am seeing is rising - and I myself am rising along with it. I am saying hello to my worth, to my ability to receive, to what we call one's "havingness."

In appreciating what is, I am consciously co-creating space for what is to appreciate, and shifting myself into a higher vibration, a brighter space, a state of mind that invites abundance.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Dankeschön. Dankeschön. Dankeschön.  


A little while ago I had a good friend explain their perspective on love. They said, love is a verb, if you care about someone you can't just say it, you have to prove it every day with your actions. To appreciate is also a verb. Is it enough to say, I appreciate xyz without a demonstration of that appreciation? I don't think so. The current energy of appreciation I am working with is the action within the appreciation. How can I show those I love how much I appreciate them? How can I show the universe my gratitude for the blessings in my life? Appreciation in motion....


Appreciation. The word alone raises my vibration. I connect to the energy of appreciation whenever I feel doubtful, worried, or anxious as I find it shifts my perspective, my thoughts, and my trajectory. It raises me up, makes me stand a little taller, and glow a little brighter. It inspires and moves me to action. 

Appreciation is one of those energies that when you share it, it gives back to you. When you appreciate others, they tend to appreciate you. It's circular and it's free. What could be better?

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment